Descended FromThe Stars

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An action can change a life.

A smile can change a mood.

An experience can change an opinion.

A person can change their destiny, as it is their own to write out.

Or is it?


So all of you who were reading Descended from the stars before I published this, have probably noticed by now that the old version of this story no longer exists.

I have (unintentionally) deleted and re-written it.

I wanted to change somethings about it and when it tried to edit it, the entire story was deleted.

I have added in new things to the plot and a different series of events have occurred even though they are still the same general chapters. 

For all you old readers, I suggest re-reading the entire thing to get used to the new plot changes and catch up on events.

The plot is still generally the same and the actual story line that I haven't written, has not changed.


New arc starting soon!!!!! Comment any thoughts or questions you have. Also, comment what KIDOLS/STARS you want to see make a role in DFTS, I need character ideas...


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Chapter 47: god blesssssss ur my fave author now,,,,, have fun at the concert!!!
78 streak #2
Chapter 47: Have fun at Bon Jovi's concert!
I laughed pretty hard at the line where Lay mistook the wall for Chanyeol. HAHAHAHA.
This is amazing, I just binge-read all the current chapters! When are you going to update again if you don't mind me asking?
78 streak #4
Chapter 46: Chapter 46: because Baek has been quite accepting. I am still banking on Luhan.
A new character could be one of the wanna one members?
I am sorry that I havent been commenting. I just read three of your updates in one go. Wooo!
jimin1mark2jennie5 #5
Chapter 43: Chapter 43: Omg yes that Stray Kids fic sounds amazing and I would totally 100% read it!!
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Chapter 43: The stray kids fics looks interesting- I think you would add quite a bit of twists in it too.
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Chapter 42: Good luck with your exams!!
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Chapter 41: Original 13 might be SUJU - since they are 13 members.
Erm that leaves TVXQ/SHINee as the first warriors? Idk. I am just guessing based on the numbers.
The EXO boys are the zodiac or perhaps related to the zodiac.
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Chapter 40: Thanks for this chapter. I love the interactions of the warriors as usual.
Can't wait for the history lesson.
And no worries about the layout , I think most of us dont really mind.
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Chapter 39: Damn. Kris just crept up like that.