Heaven's Messenger


“I have no one else…” 

“Nobody cares about me…

“In the end, everyone will leave me…

“Mom… dad… I am sorry. I can no longer stand this. Please wait for me, okay?"

"We will be meeting soon in the heaven…”

- Lee Mijoo


namu_jinan presenting to you her latest fic, Heaven's Messenger featuring the Last Romeo couple~

This fanfic will be inspired by Heaven's Postman film INSPIRED not PLAGIARISM

(do check this movie. Its an awesome story starred by Kim Jaejoong!)


Any similarities of storyline or plot are purely unintentional and coincidental


Honorable Mentions: 

exudoxialee from Monster Plaza Graphic Shop 

Ryhanna from We Got Fired Graphic Shop

For the beautiful posters <3 <3 <3

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