Painting My World


"I'll fulfill one of your wishes, Jonghyun. Just say it. I'll do...anything."


This is an oneshot that I wrote for the contest " Ready, Set, WRITE! {SHINee Writing Contest} " (A very fabulous and organised contest made by deestar and dinomyte!  ^ ^ Go try it out before it's too late :D)


The overall theme that I had to incorporate was 'society', and though I have tried to include all the prompts, the main prompt that I have decided on was 'What can I do to make you happy?"

I will not be adding any summaries of the story in the description or foreword, as I wish for all of you to understand the story through the one and only oneshot. And hell, don't even expect to see character profiles - I despite them the most.

The pairing that I have chosen is Jongkey, one that I always work with and will never abandon. Most pairings are in a disadvantage when facing off with those hetero ones, but I did try my hardest to write in a different style XD Oh well ;3

Well, I do hope that you all enjoy it! I've had fun doing the research for several things and writing the oneshot itself!

Research list: COPD (of course), art, Color Psychology

Edit: This oneshot focuses more on the overall plot and meaning. Characterization, flow/pace was not considered major for this oneshot.

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Chapter 1: The feels~~ beautiful
This was one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. *cries a river*
This was so sad I cried T.T
I thought Key was going to die...
But yay~ He didn't ^^
I really like all the details~
Making the story more interesting ^^
I loved this one... I'm just glad that I didn't have to read about Key's dying! This was beautifully written and if you only copied the phone book, I would gladly read it!

Thanks for keeping me entertained tonight. I appreciate it!
Wow. Just wow. Your writing is so detailed I could picture everything in my mind and you can make quite an emotional/dramatic writing. Gosh, I literally almost cried. I really thought that Key was going to die and that would make me sad. But really, this is such a piece of work :) It's really beautiful. You write angst really good and also this was JongKey so I LOVED IT SO MUCH <3 Really great job!
I loved it. Thank you so much for not killing Key. This oneshot was really...heartwrenching. I love your writing, no matter what style it's in. :)
starrygh #7
I thought you were gonna kill him! Thank you for making him return. *still crying...*
This was so beautiful. Good luck in the contest. You made me cry ;~~~~~; <3