Dream Kindergarten


Dream Kindergarten
Taeyong x Yuta, Johnny x Ten, Jaehyun x Doyoung, Winwin x Taeil
Single fathers by choice or chance met during a school event and their kids roll their eyes at the grownups shying away from each other.

A/N: Lucas will be part of Dream/kids because he's practically begging to be included in that sub unit hahaha 

There you go sweetheart, you're finally a Dream member

That's 3 vacation planned


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Chapter 37: Dang, Ten’s ex and Johnny’s one-night-stand got married — I didn’t expect that, but that was a nice (sorta?) plot twist! It was really nice to see Mark interact with Maureen, but OMG JOHNNY & TEN GOT ENGAGED — that made me smile a lot!!! ^^ And as for them getting engaged after a month, well: I mean, if I remember correctly, Jaehyun kinda sorta proposed to Doyoung & they’ve known each other the same amount of time JohnTen has, and like Johnny said, it may be kinda soon, but they’re both sure they wanna be with each other forever, so why not right? Also, it’ll be some time until they actually get married anyways. (:
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Chapter 37: I honestly don't freaking care if Johnten's story is going a little bit too fast because everything that matters to me is that they'll be happy together and istg I almost cried reading this beautiful chapter T^T Please make a chapter where they are gonna get married and all of their friends are gonna attend the wedding including Mauro and Maureen :3 And maybe their wedding will be held in Greece? Hahahaha that's just an idea because I want to go there some day:))
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Chapter 37: OMG!! well johten always move fast.. way ahead of the others...

i'm happy that Johnny and Maureen had their closure and ended in good terms...
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Chapter 36: Sicheng’s siblings and their spouses are horrible >:( I’m so glad that Taeil stood up to the brother’s wife about how mean she and her husband were being to Chengxiao, that Mr. Dong backed him up, and that the little girl will be taken care of by Kun & Jungwoo. Btw, I think it’s so cute that they’ll care for her! ^^
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Chapter 36: kunwoo being instant parents...

Good thing Sicheng stayed in Korea.. if he stayed there with his siblings i don't know what will happend.. Chenke might not grow well
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Chapter 35: i'm loving to see the development of everyone relationships. the kids are so adorable
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Chapter 35: i like that Hiroshi guy.. and Hani too.. they are shippers i love it.
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Chapter 35: Omg it’s so cute how the evaluator, Hiroshi, said that YuTae were perfect for one another and that they could probably get married already, lol, but omg they really do suit one another so well!!! Also, it’s funny how Hani loudly asked Jaehyun about Doyoung and Donghyuck in front of Sana, hinting to her that she has no chance with Jaehyun, but what really cemented that idea was when Jaehyun said he’s so serious about Doyoung that he’s gonna marry him one day,,,OMG THAT WAS SO SWEET!!! ^^
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Chapter 35: Haha dojae is cute and poor both of jeno and donghyuk that their father forget about them
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Chapter 34: when will they be legally married??.. i mean.. come on.. no protests from the family... even ten's parents are shipper..