Letting Love in (originally Love at First Sight?)


Falling in love with strawberry lips...

Hoseok is a college student who lives a lonely life surrounded by friends- who are all in happy, working relationships. He wants to experience love like that, but his past abusive relationship prevents him from opening up and trusting people who aren't his close friends. Through a fatefully misfortunate accident, a mysterious (gorgeous) man named Hyungwon barges into Hoseok's life and he finds himself stuck between his trauma of the past and his yearnings for the future. Will Hyungwon be his guide?


"Why am I so single and alone???" Hoseok has spent his entire life being a third-wheeler. All of his friends are in beautiful, blossoming relationships, while he is stuck in his lonely world of solitude. He also suffers from deep-rooted distorted body image, low self-confidence, and a past of abuse relationships. Until mysterious Chae Hyungwon crawls into his life and changes all of that... but there is more to Hyungwon than Hoseok knows.

Hellooooooo I promise I'm not dead XD chapter 6 is finally out!
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