The Lively Guys


SungYeol's dad has just passed away. His mother thought it would be a good idea for the family to move to a smaller home in the suburbs of Seoul. SungYeol is not too excited about this boring town. Everything was so lifeless. But after a mysterious encounter at the toy shop, SungYeol comes home to things becoming human. Now his life is anything but lifeless!


Meet the Characters

Lee SungYeol

Age: 17

Bio: SungYeol is an average high schooler. He recently moved to a suburb in Seoul after his dad recently passed away. He always has good intentions and takes care of his mother and his "brother," but he gets easily upset and has a short temper. He forms an huge crush on the prettiest girl at his new school.

Lee HoWon (Hoya)

Age: 17

Bio: He is basically like a real brother to SungYeol. He is SungYeol's best friend. The two are so close to HoWon even decided to move with SungYeol and Ms. Lee and live in the suburbs. He is nicknamed Hoya because he claims that he wants Hoya to be his stage name when he debuts as a dancer. His parents agreed to Hoya living with the Lees because Hoya actually wanted to have his own dance studio to practice, and the ones in Seoul were too expensive anyway. Despite his bold and strong appearance, Hoya has an affinity for animals, which is why he gets along well with Gyu and Seok.

Ms. Lee (Lee SeoWon)

Age: 40

Bio: Mother of SungYeol. She's a very friendly and overall happy person, and she enjoys making her son (and her other "son" Hoya) happy however she can. After her husband passed away, she thought it would be best if the family moved to a smaller, nicer home. Her hobbies include going to the gym and shopping.

Gyu the Hamster (Kim SungGyu)

Age: ?

Bio: Ms. Lee feels bad that SungYeol had to leave his friends behind and move to a new town, so she buys the family a new pet hamster, which they name Gyu. After a mysterious encounter at the toy shop, SungYeol comes home to Gyu the hamster as, well, not a hamster. Kim SungGyu, his new human name, is perhaps the most reasonable of all of them and has a habit of nibbling on items, as he is a hamster, after all.

DdoDdo the Dinosaur (Jang DongWoo)

Age: ?

Bio: DdoDdo is SungYeol's dinosaur plush from his childhood. He's been in SungYeol's shelf collecting dust for the longest time. When he comes to life, he takes on the name Jang DongWoo. He is very happy and sociable, so he gets along very well with Ms. Lee. He's curious about the world and is often seen either exploring or laughing his head off.

Bonsai Tree (Nam WooHyun)

Age: ?

Bio: Namu is the Korean word for tree. WooHyun is a bonsai tree given to SungYeol by his grandfather. When he comes to life, he exclaims that he wants his name to be Namu Hyun, which SungYeol quickly corrects to a more realistic name, Nam WooHyun. WooHyun is extremely low maintenance (perhaps because he was untouched for 100 years) and loves to share his love with everyone. He claims that "being a tree doesn't allow me to throw hearts!" so he's making up for the century that he was stuck in a pot. He often gets into arguments with Seok about trivial things.

Seok the Cat (L/Kim MyungSoo)

Age: 7

Bio: When SungYeol was 12, he found Seok, just 2 then, abandoned on the street. Ever since then, this black cat has been living with the Lee family. He's very quiet and cold towards the others, and he values sleeping greatly. L, Seok's real name, decides on the name Kim MyungSoo because SungYeol says his real name L is not exactly normal. On the inside, MyungSoo actually cares for all of these rascals, especially Hoya, who knows exactly what animals are thinking.

Lemon Candy Jar (Lee SungJong)

Age: ?

Bio: A lemon candy jar rests on SungYeol's desk. SungYeol likes to eat a lemon candy when he feels down. SungYeol named him Lee SungJong because SungYeol jokes that SungJong acts like a long-lost brother. Despite coming to life, he is still very fragile since he was originally a glass jar. He likes to make everyone happy by handing out lemon candies that infinitely come out of his pocket. He has an eye for fashion, just like his elegant embellishments carved on the jar, his original form.


A/N: Hey guys ^^ So this is the new story after Code Name L. I hope you guys enjoy a more lighthearted story with lots of laughs and tears! Thank you <3

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"Yes, you stupid cat, I'm the one who is older!!" WooHyun screeched, "I'm like-- 100 years old!"

"But I'm wiser," MyungSoo his hand, "You've been a tree sitting in a pot for 100 years while I've been roaming in this strange world for 7 years."

"Quit fighting, my body is shaking from your sound vibrations~" SungJong whined, covering his ears.

"Everyone, shut up!!" I lscreamed, causing everyone to freeze.

I sighed in frustration, "I don't understand how you guys came to life, or became human, or whatever... But if you guys are going to be here, then you better be quiet! My mom might hear you guys--"

"I'm shedding so much, oh my gosh!!" SungGyu yelped.

DongWoo started laughing, and WooHyun began arguing with MyungSoo again.

And all I could do was stand and facepalm.

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