Artistry Affair

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a beautiful artist ▪ a passonate ceo ▪ a heartfelt love story


artistry affair
victoria song qian
william chan wai ting
a heartfelt love story
a beautiful artist
a passionate ceo
in a cruel world where money can buy happiness and art is shadowed by greed.. a love story unfold...
English isn't my first language so if there's any mistake please bare with me!


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pinkyblue212 #1
Chapter 5: It's really refreshing read this story. New pairing otw, even in HBDC they're so cute. Please continue author nim, no pressure.
Allohaa #2
Chapter 5: Why u haven't update ur story yet :'((( It's almost a month since the last update.
Allohaa #3
Chapter 5: Wow great story, I'm actually ur new fans... hahaha U're right they are so lovely when they're together. Wish the will have another project next time #crossfinger
Allohaa #4
Chapter 4: Why u didn't update ur story yet??? I'm sad
midnightdreamz423 #5
Chapter 4: William insisted that it was only the alcohol..yeah right. lol We have to see ;D Can't wait for your next update ^^
Allohaa #6
Chapter 4: Oow I smell something fishy, someone get interested kkkk
205 streak #7
Chapter 4: Love it
Allohaa #8
Where's the update????
midnightdreamz423 #9
Chapter 2: I love your story! Please continue writing! Your English is actually very good.
Allohaa #10
Chapter 3: Keep it up authornim !!!