Chapter 1

By Luck

(Jeju Island)


"Hurry up, Jungkook! Why are you so slow!" Seojin yelled as he ran along the beach.


Jungkook just ran faster. Seojin stops to take a short breath. Unexpectedly Jungkook wraps his arms around him. "Caught you Jin," he says smiling. Seojin turns his head about to kiss Jungkook then moves away. He started running again with Jungkook after him. 


Soon the sun was setting and the couple sat on the sand. Jungkook placed his lips on Seojin's and kiss him passionately as the sun continues going down. Jungkook carries Seojin to their room and set him down on the bed.


"You're so beautiful. I'll never love another person. I love you," Jungkook tells him. Seojin places his hands on Jungkook's shoulders and pulls Jungkook onto the bed. 


Seojin giggles at Jungkook's reaction. Jungkook caresses his cheek and pulls his shirt off, leaning into the crook of Seojin's neck.




The next morning Jungkook woke up and turns around to no one next to him. "Jin?" he asked. No answers. He sat up and wraps a tower around his lower half. All of Seojin's things were gone including his self.


(One year later)


Jungkook stares out the window sadly. Till this day he still couldn't forget Jin(Seojin). He wasn't mad or angry that Jin left him. He was just sad and confuse why he had left. He thought everything was fine and happy. Still Seojin left.


"Jungkook, you should stop thinking bout him. He might be dead already," Jimin his close friend tells him. Jungkook shoots him a glare. Jimin just rolls his eyes. "Since you're not even eating anymore and just thinking bout him, we should start going." 


Jimin stands up and takes out his wallet. Jungkook leaves the restaurant as he pays for the food. 'Jin, why did you do this to me?' he thought as he waited for his friend. 


He wanders through the street as he waits. Soon he noticed there were lots of kids. The kids happily skips to their parents. Jungkook chuckles as a kid stumbles and was about to fall but grabs onto someone. 


The person turns around. Jungkook's heart skips a beat. It was his beautiful and lovely Jin. The one he hadn't seen in ages. His hair was a darker brown but other than that he looked the same.


"Seojin," he whispers.


"Sorry, teacher," the student said as Jin crouch down. 


"Your mom is waiting. You should hurry up and be more careful," Jin tells the kid then ruffles his hair.


People left as they took their kids with them. There weren't much people now. Jungkook runs to Jin as he was about to go back into the school. "Jin!" Jungkook yelled as he got closer.


Jin turns around. He was wearing a white tee with black jeans something Jungkook never saw him in when they were still together. He looks curiously at Jungkook who was wearing a suit. 


"Jin, where have you been?" Jungkook asked as he reach for Jin's hand. "I miss you so much." 


Jungkook holds his hand as he stares into Jin's face. His eyes were etched with confusion. "Do I know you? Or are you here for a kid?"




Jungkook's heart broke in a million pieces. He could even hear it if it wasn't in his body.  Jin once told him he will never ever forget him, yet he did right now. Jungkook didn't believe it. He couldn't. His beloved Seojin could not forget him. Every night they spent together, every day he kissed Jin. No, Jin could not forget him.


"Jin! It's me, Jungkook! The one you met in Jeju."


Jungkook grabs onto Jin's arm, "I know you didn't forget everything."


Jin looks kinda afraid. "Sir, I-I really don't know you or I can't recall you," Jin tries to pry Jungkook's hand off of his arm. 


Jungkook shook his head. 'What is he trying to do?' Jungkook thought. Jungkook grabs Jin forcefully, "Then I'll make you remember." 


Jungkook leaned in to kiss Jin but someone pulls him off. 


"Get the off you moron!" 


A man protectively holds Jin away. 'He even has a boyfriend now.' Jungkook thought. Tears welled in his eyes but he didn't let them fall.


"Who are you?" the man asked.


Jungkook looks at Jin, "He knows who I am. You do, right Jin."


Jin shook his head. The man looks at Jungkook, "You must have mistaken him for someone else. We'll be going now."


Jungkook was going to protest when a hand landed on his shoulder. It was Jimin. "Dude, he's just a look-a-like. Wrong move," Jimin whispers to him while pulling him away.


Jungkook just rethink of the situation earlier. 




Jin walks slowly into the school. "Jin, did he hurt you?"


"No, Taehyung. I'm fine."


Taehyung was his younger brother. He always thought Taehyung was too protective. But he couldn't imagine what would had happen if Taehyung wasn't there. 


"Thank you," Jin says as they sat down. 


"How does he know your name then if you don't know him?" Taehyung asked.


"I don't know. He probably thought wrong. There are lots of other people with Jin as their names."


Jin was his nickname for his real name was Seokjin. Kim Seokjin.


"Do you need me to drop you home before I go to my friend's house?"


"No need Tae, I'll be working a bit longer and some other teachers can drop me off. You should go now."


Taehyung just nodded and left, knowing he couldn't change his brother's mind.


Seokjin sat there for a while. 'Is there someone that look like me?'


He went to his desk and started working.




Jin waved as his friend drove off. He opens the gate in front of his house. Someone pulls him away. Panicked, Jin looks behind him. It was the guy from earlier. Jin tries to scream but the guy covers his mouth.


"Just talk to me," he said and let go of Jin.


Now that Jin had a good look. The man wasn't all bad looking, he actually looked handsome and not like a weirdo. "I don't know you. Sorry," he reaches for the handle behind him and pulls the gate open. He quickly locks it with a lock. 




Jin didn't wait and try to get to his house fast. Jungkook climbs over the gate and follows Jin.


Jin enters his house and locks it fast. Jungkook bangs on the door and yells for Jin. 'Seojin!' was the last thing he heard before he ran up the stairs. 


Jungkook banged harder before sliding down onto his knees. After a moment of silence he stood up and walked away. Confusion clouded his mind along with anger and a tint of sadness. 


Jin looked out his window as Jungkook went away. He took in a deep breath. He was sure he never met the guy before. He never had amnesia before either. Jin felt bad and sad for Jungkook though, the poor man seemed real sad and frustrated.


'Why did the person he thinks I am leave him? Why is he so confuse?' Jin thought as he changed into comfortable clothes.


That night he slept with the man on his head. 


(Next Day)


"Seokjin, why do you look bothered? Did something bad happen yesterday at school?" the maid ask Jin as Jin finished up his breakfast. The table was empty today since Taehyung was at a friend's house and their parents were visiting relatives.


"Everything's fine. Thanks for asking though," Jin smiled. The maid smiled back. 


Jin helped put the leftovers away, chatting with the servants as he did so. He didn't need to go to school today for it was the weekend. His parents actually thought he needn't be a teacher but he insisted anyway.


He didn't want to sit around doing nothing until he got married. He should do something while he still has freedom. He was pulled way from his thoughts when a servant told him someone was waiting outside for him.


Jin didn't tell anyone about the man yesterday hoping he wouldn't come back. He didn't want to be mistaken for someone else.


Jin went into the backyard where the person was waiting. When he reached there, he didn't see anyone. He sat down on one of the chairs they had outside that went with the table outside.


He hadn't been out much lately. He admired the sun that was shining down on him. Someone touch his shoulder. Seokjin stood up and turn around. It was the man from yesterday. He would've pulled back but he didn't, instead he just stare at the man's features.


His hair was black and smooth looking but it wasn't jelled. His bangs covered his forehead that Jin wanted to remove to touch his forehead. His dark brown eyes stared back. He was wearing a dark blue collared shirt with small red and white stripes near the collar.


Jungkook reached down and grabs both of Jin's hand. He was calmer than yesterday. "Can you please talk to me, Jin?"


Jin doesn't know what to reply and end up staring at Jungkook dumbly. Jungkook seems about to cry out in frustration but ends up talking, "Why'd you leave me? Seojin, you know I love you. Don't you love me?"


"I'm not Seojin. I seriously don't know who you are. I don't even know your name. My name is Seokjin. Kim Seokjin."


Jungkook blinks then looks Jin up and down. His hands still tightly around Jin's, Seokjin's. 


He cups one of Seokjin's cheek with his hand, the other still gripping Jin's hand. Jin couldn't help but lean into the touch. "I don't believe you."


Jin glance up at Jungkook whose eyes were wavering. He thought that if he said those words Jungkook would go away and apologize, but he didn't. 


Jin jerks his hand away from Jungkook's touch. "Then that's your problem. I'm really not the person you think I am."


Jungkook pulls Seokjin close to him even though Jin tries to move away. He looks into Seokjin's eyes making sure both of their eyes meet. 'I can't be mistaken. This is the person I fell in love with in Jeju. It has to be.' Jungkook thought.


Jin pulls away once again, ready to enter the house again but Jungkook pulls him back. Before Jin could register anything, Jungkook had placed his lips on Seokjin's. Jin melts into the kiss though he didn't want to.


Jungkook pulls away for oxygen then kisses him again. 


Jin had never been kissed. He didn't think that his first kiss was going to be with a stranger too, he doesn't even know his name.


Jin pulls away and slaps Jungkook before running into the house. 


Jungkook reaches out for Jin then stops. 'What if he really isn't Seojin? It can't be, they look so much alike. Even they're names are alike. Seojin was also a Kim.'


He had to talk to someone. He takes one last look at the house then drives away. His thoughts still lingering of Seojin or Seokjin as he said his name was. It had to be the same person.


Jin cried into his pillow. His door was lock so no one could come in. He wasn't exactly sure why he was crying. It just felt like so. He got kissed by a stranger who thinks he's his lover.


When Jin stops crying he goes to his mirror. His eyes were puffy. If Taehyung came home right now he would make Jin spill out whatever made him cry. Maybe he could ask his dad.


His parents were coming home today. He took a deep breath. 




Taehyung said bye to his friend before getting out of the car. The house was quiet like always. The gardener was snipping the bushes.


"Good afternoon, Kyungsoo!" Taehyung yelled. The gardener smiled at Taehyung also greeting back, "You too, Young master."


Tae smiled a smile showing his top row of teeth and his bottom row of teeth, you can call it a boxy smile.


Taehyung was close to their workers. He greeted them occasionally and even gossip with the ladies sometimes. 


He didn't see his dad's car outside so that must mean they didn't come home yet. He hurried inside to change his clothes.


Jin was nowhere to be found by the time he got changed into new clothes. He wore a black dress shirt. His brown hair neatly combed. His parents liked it when he wore nice clothes. His mom liked it because she said it made him look handsome. His dad liked it because he said it made him look like a successful man.


He tucked the shirt into his pants. 


When he decided to go downstairs, Jin was walking down the stairs. "Jin!" 


Jin stops for him to catch up. "You're looking good," Jin tells him.


"I am," Taehyung states knowing his good looks.


They walked down together. "Mom and Dad should be coming home by now." As if Jin was on time a car parked right outside. Out came their father following was their mother. 


The servants went to the trunk to get their luggages. Their mom hugged them while the dad patted them on the back. "Taehyung's dressed up," their mother commented as they made their way to the living room.


"Just for you guys," Taehyung tells them. The family sat down and talked. 


Lunch was soon ready. 


The family sat at the table and ate.


"Tomorrow night there's going to be a party and I was thinking you two should go with me since your mom can't go," their dad told them.


"I'm meeting up with some friends. I was thinking one of you guys should come with me," their mom told them.


Taehyung and Jin look at each other. "I'll go with Mom since Jin went with her the last few times. Jin can go with Dad." 


They agreed and finish eating. With the family time, Jin forgot to talk to his parents about Jungkook.


Jin sat on his bed staring at the brightly lit moon outside. There were only three stars he saw. Two of them were super close to each other. The other one stayed quite a distance but looked like it was looking at them. 


Jin couldn't help but think of Jungkook. 'I wonder what his name is?' he thought. He focus back on the stars.


Then oddly one of the two stars that were super close moved away. The other one moved to the one alone. Jin didn't believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and look at them again. It did change. 


'I don't believe you.....' 




'Don't you love me?' 


Jin remembers his words. 


His heart clenches at the memories. He felt bad for doing what he did. The man really had deep love for Seojin.


He went to sleep with the moonlight shining into his room. His heart warming a little for some unknown reason, feeling like it was getting called by another heart.




Jungkook drove to his house. His father has pass away so he was left with his mother. Jungkook walks quietly into the house searching for his mother. Instead he found an invitation card. 


Jungkook opens it. 


"Jungkook, when did you arrive?" 


Jungkook sets the card down and greets his mother. "Just a minute ago. I was looking for you."


He sat down on the sofa next to his mother who had settled down, ready to listen. The furniture were all white with gold or flowers on them. Seokjin's family was a bit wealthy while Jungkook's family was wealthy.


It was only a while back when they got this wealthy. Apparently Jungkook's parents helped great time of a friend of theirs. That friend repay them back with money. 


Jungkook liked that friend and got close to him even though he was his parent's age. His name was Min Yoongi. Jungkook liked the dude. He helped him with lots, especially through school.


He was a role model to Jungkook too. 


"I also have something to tell you. You should go first," his mother told him with a great smile appearing on her face.


Jungkook was curious why his mother seemed so happy but he pushed the thought away. "Mom, do you remember that boy I liked in Jeju?"


His mother nodded, "His name was Jin, Seojin." 


"I think I met him. Yet, he claims to not know me. He looks exactly like him. It has to be him."


Jungkook's mom shook her head, "Jungkook, I already told you. This man is off. He probably left you because back then we were poor."


Jungkook couldn't reply because what she said could have been true by every chance. 


The best reason. It made sense, but no. Jungkook did not believe. Seojin wasn't someone to play with love. He doesn't see love as a game. That's what Jungkook thought.


Taking in the silence, his mother starts to speak, "I also had arranged for you to see a young man. He's one year older than you but he's great. His name is Hoseok. A Jung."


Jungkook furrowed his brows, "Jung Hoseok?"


He never heard the man before. He was also surprised that his mother was already setting him up to get married. 


"It's the day after the party. You saw the invitation."


Jungkook protest, "But, Mom. You know I-"


"Love someone else. Please just give Hoseok a chance. It wouldn't hurt to meet him. It's already arranged, if you really don't like him. I won't force you." 


Jungkook knew he couldn't change his mother's words so he just went along with it.


"Okay, Mom."


His mom smiled proudly.


Jungkook forced a smile. 'I'll go see Yoongi. Hopefully he'll understand,' Jungkook thought.



Author's Note


Just letting you know if you're not sure, Seojin and Seokjin are two different people. Thank you for reading. 


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