Searching For You Now

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One of the prestigious university existed called AIOSU aka All in One Serendipity University.  Jihoon admired Yoon Jeonghan but as he was having a crush on him,  he knew that his Hyung Lee Jisoo was more compatible to Jeonghan. Jisoo was the university Student Council President which has a complicated relationship with Sports Club Committee President Choi Seungcheol.  Choi Seungcheol percieves that they were dating yet Jihoon thought that Seungcheol was only having a one sided love for his hyung nd he dislikes Seungcheol a lot causing him giving a name Who Must Not Be Named among them brothers.  Seungkwan and Seokmin are Jeonghan's bestfriend and the two are shipper of JiHan and will make a move no matter what because they agreed that the two should meet cause they are ment to be. 

This setting suddenly pop out on my mind and i want to share this story with you. Feel free to read and do comments.. Thank u.


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Chapter 15: so they broke up...T_T
wonder what will happens now...
Will jisoo still going abroad after he find out about hannie????
I'm really curious right [email protected][email protected]

thanks for your update...v(^_^)v
Chapter 14: oh nooo......
jeonghannie must feel heartbroken right now!!!
maybe jisoo meet seungcheol because he wants to end everything between them but still....
jisoo, you're at fault...

thanks for your update...v(^_^)v
Pikachulover_95 #3
Chapter 13: Get well soon Jeonghan!!! Jisoo is waiting for you!!!!
KcrezaArien #4
Chapter 13: Aww... They're all getting things right :')
KcrezaArien #5
Chapter 12: What?.... So wait... Is it Jeonghan? The one that called Jihoon? Or Someone else in the bar where Seungcheol was drinking his heart out? And Heard that he's calling for Jisoo? and The video that Jeonghan just watchedwatched... Don't tell me that it has something to do with the almost making out scene in the bathroom? And to who's side is Mark really? And That ending.... Searching for what?/who? And Wtf hahahahaha but geez even thou i'm so confused right now, i believe that there's more to this... Looking forward for more Crazy and Confusing Chapters.... Thanks for the update :D
KcrezaArien #6
Chapter 9: No.. Omg Author-nim.... I'm being emotional right now, Why is it like this? :'( But it's fine we trust you HAHAHAHAHA a very very nice Chapter Keep it Up, Looking forward for more :D
Joshua looks hellllllllaaaaaaa fineeeee in your edit cover pic!!!!! That got my shO.Ok!???????
azaliadevi #8
Chapter 8: I just read this fanfic and I instantly interested with it ><

thanks authornim.

cannot wait for the next chapter

KcrezaArien #9
Chapter 8: Omg Jicheol
Chapter 6: I really hate cheollie character in this story...
He didn't deserve jisoo...
Jihoonnie is right.. Jisoo better be with jeonghannie rather than cheol..
Want jisoo ended up with jeonghannie..
Cannot wait for more jihan interaction..

Thanks for your updates..v(^_^)v