Searching For You Now

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One of the prestigious university existed called AIOSU aka All in One Serendipity University.  Jihoon admired Yoon Jeonghan but as he was having a crush on him,  he knew that his Hyung Lee Jisoo was more compatible to Jeonghan. Jisoo was the university Student Council President which has a complicated relationship with Sports Club Committee President Choi Seungcheol.  Choi Seungcheol percieves that they were dating yet Jihoon thought that Seungcheol was only having a one sided love for his hyung nd he dislikes Seungcheol a lot causing him giving a name Who Must Not Be Named among them brothers.  Seungkwan and Seokmin are Jeonghan's bestfriend and the two are shipper of JiHan and will make a move no matter what because they agreed that the two should meet cause they are ment to be. 

This setting suddenly pop out on my mind and i want to share this story with you. Feel free to read and do comments.. Thank u.
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