Blood Haven

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"I thought life  was great you know? I didn't have to put up with snobby daddys little girls or marcho muscle men that had no brains, because my friends were great people. I was happy with my grades and my family life as well, I thought my family was perfect in our own way of being content, but then he just had to knock me on my back and destroy everything I had going for me in one moment, I was gonna be a nurse you know?"

"Well, what about now? What do you think of your life now? She liked that his tone wasn't one of judgement, it wasn't blunt and bitter, he wasn't judging her for being so pessimistic about their way of life.

"Maybe it's getting better"


Somi was living the life of a normal eighteen year old, with her birthday having just gone by happily spent with her friends and parents, she thought she was in for a good year, a good life. But that all came crashing down on Somi in seconds, within the same seconds that her back was hitting the cement, as a matter of fact. Somi realised that the life she had been living was technically a lie, she wasn't your average human like she was lead to believe for the past eighteen years. She was an element wielder, and because of that she was sent off to a whole new school in a new town that was "safe for immortals like her".Somi was living the life of a normal eighteen year old, with her birthday having just gone by happily spent with her friends and parents, she thought she was in for a good year, a good life. 

She thought that this place would be the end of her, all she had was her snarky comments and her half assed martial art skills that would have helped her back in her home town, but were useless against a bunch of were-somethings and hybrid beast things. Somi thought she was doomed for an early death caused by her brain exploding in anger. To make matters worse, the most rebellious and obnoxious students were now interested in her.

But things may not be so bad. when the seven most irritable students are striving to befriends this human like girl and no longer want to cause trouble, she may just be doing the whole school a favour, and making it a lot less lonely for herself.

"I can undertsand why they call this place Blood Haven now"


Son Hyunwoo

Lee Hoseok

Yoo Kihyun

Lee Minhyuk

Chae Hyungwon

Lee Jooheon

Im Changkyun

Han Somi

So this is a new story idea that popped into my head in the late hours of the night, and I have been holding back on writing new stories for a while now, so I finally gave in and here we are! The first chapter will be posted soon and I hope you will like it! :)

Thank you so much to NUTMEGGU for the incredible poster, I love it!

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Chapter six just needs editing and chapter seven is a few hundred words in, I'm hoping to start getting more writing done for this story so that chapters can be posted more often without such a long wait in between


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Chapter 23: Yay! An update! I'm so excited for what's to come. It's nice to see rhat she's gotten use to the routine and is getting better with her powers. Though of course HoSeok is never going to go easy on her but I enjoy their dynamic. It's nice to see the gang getting closer and I'm excited to see more of her powers. Also, really need to know why MinHyuk and his gang hate the guys so much. Like honestly, I understand why Somi feels bad because she thought of him as a friend and to see him act like this is uncomfortable and disappointing.
Naomiie18 #2
Chapter 22: Hiya! I have just caught up with the train of this fanfic, and I LOVE it. This kind of concept has always floated my boat, and I love the way you built the characters and their relationships. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Chapter 22: Oh gosh! Even though I'm worried for JooHeon, I'm glad the guys have "bonded" a bit more. Also, Changhyun's yearly membership fee? Hahahhahahahahahhahahahaha love it!

Thanks for the update. :)
What the heck! Not only were my notifications off but after enabling them, this story didn't show up on my subscription list and I freaked out. T-T
Chapter 21: Is HyunWoo a temptation??????"
Me - leaves the chatroom -

Angelabelle #6
Chapter 21: Also baby kyun and heony I feel like have a crush bc they automatically look to her for comfort
Angelabelle #7
Chapter 20: I thought the story had not been updated last week because I didn't get any notifications, but then I realized I wasn't logged in and the update has been here for days! -sigh- So, what's up with HyungWon? He's still annoying but the way he seeks out Somi when he needs her is kind of what's that all about? Also, Somi please fly kick KiHyun. Honestly, like BOF style in the air straight to his face. Thank you. HoSeok and KiHyun...AND the lovely endearing moment at the end with cheesy JooHeon. I just love their friendship.

Thanks for the update! Really enjoyed it. :)
Chapter 19: Yay! Thanks for updating. :)
Chapter 18: HyungWon is so annoying! -_- ha!