Cold Hands, Warm Heart

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Joohyun meets her neighbour and finds out what it feels like to fall in love.

The dream of a soul awake.


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Chapter 1: i love it so far!
reveluv316 849 streak #2
congrats on the feature
Seungwanniepuppy #3
Chapter 17: I swear i could punch Seul rn. The truth bombed she drop to Seungwan as if she didnt know that Joohyun about to confess to seungwan. Wow. That is so selfish of her.

Also, imate to this but in so invested. 🥹
Seungwanniepuppy #4
Chapter 16: I dont want to conclude but why do i feel like Seungwan’s answer has something to do with Seul. I just feel like Seul talked to Seungwan before this conversation with Joohyun. Uggghh i hope im wrong coz if not i wont really dislike Seul for this.
Grats on the feature!
Chapter 27: So, I started reading this story today. And I found it way too relatable. And.... I guess, it gave a tiny bit of courage to step out of my comfort zone? So.... thank you?
Chapter 24: i hate the way they are making seulgi look like a villain she didnt act with the best intentions of course but it was not that bad to the point that yeri even feels the need to beat her #sosadforourbear
winxc124 #8
Chapter 1: You're ugly, Irene. Go get help from SM if you cont this im gonna not stan anyone from Red Velvet anymore
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congrats on the featureeeee
Chapter 3: Ahhhh seungwan is a kitchen girl