Before You Go.

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Byulyi left and Yongsun grieved.

Given a chance to go back, she thought that she had saved her Moon.

But things are more complicated than it seems. 


P.s- Prepare your heart and open your mind, feel the emotions and enjoy the mysteries. 

Inspired by: Before I fall & Happy death day. 


Heyyo! Welcome back to my second story! Now,this story will only be Moonbyul×Yongsun. No or foursome and all the some in the world,so don't worry~

P.s- The story was only inspired by the two movies,just the concept. So the others will be different. 

This will also be subscribers only,so hope it'll be fine for you! Enjoy~

Heyyo! Wow, it's been quite a long time since I've updated this story. I've decided to write the last chap and it's a bit longer~
Thank you so much for every support! *bows* I'm gonna go and write another story, got an idea in my mind, will you wait for it??
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svela2233 #1
Chapter 18: 🥹🥹
Mo_onbyulidaa #2
Chapter 18: Darn it what a masterpiece! Thank u author-nim!
17 streak #3
Chapter 2: Godamn! I just read 2 chapters and its already this good? And yeah im 4 years late (imnotreallygoodatmathimsorryihatethatsubject)
Chapter 18: the way i kept crying at every chapters ;-; this was a good one
Beattheboxbaby #5
Chapter 18: <3
jess6341 #6
Chapter 18: Wow. It's already 3:35 am here but I don't regret losing sleep for this story. I love it!
Chapter 18: Another masterpiece.
Chapter 18: Wow i loved it author nim such a great story so romantic and interesting please make more moonsun stories i love your writing style how you describe every feeling and sensation between them Thank you so much!
Chapter 18: Oh well I guess sacrificing a little bit time of my sleep by reading this is worth it and i love it so so much. I couldn't sleep without knowing what will happen next so decided to finish it up and it's really worth it. Good job authornim!
but seriously, wow.
this story hit me eight in my heart, it was so perfect
honestly, the whole plot was really smart, from the inspiration (I see what's happening here) to the characters, especially our 4 heroines.
I gotta say, byul's character was genius. from her backstory, her struggles, her fears and her accomplishments... she was a well seasoned character, and I know that makes her sound like some Gordon Ramsey dish (honestly she a snacc tho), but seriously, its awesome
as for Yong, you an tell through this just how much she loves byul. like, DAMNNN LMAO were all living on the 26th, and she made it back to the 25th lmaoooo
also, whee and hyejin are cu t i e s
I love all these cuties