Touching Beauty

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After losing her sight to a disease, Sunhee finds refuge in her long-time passion—baking. It is a quiet life, working for her aunt’s bakery. Then comes along Junmyeon. It starts out as a simple order of brownies, but the next thing Sunhee knows, her aunt is describing to her how a handsome man seems to have eyes on her.

This leaves Sunhee unfazed at first, for years of blindness has left her in a bleak world where beauty is virtually nonexistent and nearly irrelevant. She’s hesitant to allow people to get close, and she’s constantly cynical and bitter. Much of her time is spent in her room where she listens to the hundreds of audiobooks she owns. As far as she’s concerned, the only beautiful things in her world are the words by her favorite authors.

But there are some things in the world, apparently (according to the Junmyeon, the persistent and allegedly handsome), that don’t need to be seen. After all, beauty is not a construct defined only by sight. It can be smelled, heard, or…touched.


CHARACTERS: Junmyeon (Suho), Sunhee (OC), and more to be revealed!

AU(s): blind!oc medstudent!suho

GENRES: fluff, romance, (some, if any) angst

WARNINGS: blind oc

INSPIRATIONS: Christine Hà, a blind chef who appeared and won on the third season of MasterChef



“Write in the perspective of a blind person.”




So…this was supposed to be a paragraph long exercise for a class, but since I’m extra, I had to make it a full-blown story.

Originally, this was supposed to be with Baekhyun, but there aren’t enough stories with my man Junmyeon? Seriously, what’s up with that? He deserves more love, and this is my way of showing that. I’m so cheesy, sorry.

Anyways, this story is going to be a few chapters (below 10), and it will be mostly filled with fluff and overall cuteness. This was mostly a challenge, and I love challenges, so here goes.

I hope you guys enjoy!



Thank you to Leonny for the amazing cover!



Do NOT plagiarize, repost, or translate my work.

Touching Beauty //
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