We got Babies

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Jessica Jung hates going back to Seoul because of two people who broke her heart, one is her father who left them to be with another woman, another is Her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.

Kwon Yuri, is a chick magnet whose only sin he's truly aware of is being a Handsome Guy with to die for hotness. A happy go lucky guy who just went out from his Mandatory Military Training and has only one mission in life and that is to get his ex-girlfriend back, which is Jessica.

They are past lovers, She hates him but He's still in love with her.

What if a tragic thing happen and Jessica had to go back to Seoul and meet her most dreaded person again, and worst to live with him to take good care of three instant babies?

What will happen with these Two People who had a complex past when they meet again in a very complicated and uneasy situation? Will Love be enough to take away all the heartaches and perfidy happened in the past?


This is a new YulSic Genderbender fanfic, I hope you guys will support this!

Thank You for reading! I hope You liked it!


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35 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 37: So hard to be in the friend zone.. But you have to try taeng.. Not give easily..
308 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 37: Taeny relation is a push and pull. I gope that they will discover their love for each other soon. Yulsic need to get back together . I hope Yuri will be able to convinced Sica again . Thank you author shi for the hard work
mayataufik1 0 points #3
Chapter 37: I feel something not good will happen between the two beauty cousins and yul.
0 points #4
Chapter 37: Waiting for YulSic to get back together again. I wonder if the kids will leave Yuri when they know Ryeowon has finally awaken?
yuridunaa 0 points #5
Chapter 37: omg..
Yulsicislife 0 points #6
Chapter 37: Ryeowon is finally awake!! Wonder if the kids will finally move out of Yuri’s house and witn Ryeowon? YulSic im waiting for you to be a couple again!;)
0 points #7
Chapter 37: Been patiently waiting for Yulsic to be a couple again. What took them so long hahaha
Sushisashimi 13 streak 0 points #8
Chapter 37: I wonder what’s gonna happen when the kids know their mother has already awake from the coma.
15 streak 0 points #9
Chapter 37: Ohh.. Ryeowon woke up!! I am hoping YulSic will soon become lovers again.
386 streak 0 points #10
Chapter 37: I hope Ryewon unnie will staying with YulSic in the mansion when she is back from the hospital :)