Seeking roleplay partners.

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11:16 PM.
Just another roleplay ad!
Hello! I am currently looking for a few people who I can build a plot with and write with. I am, however, not opposed to a couple people to casually roleplay with either. This is just something I'd like to do for fun, so there is no pressure to send replies quickly as I understand things can get in the way. I will let you know if I am unable to tend to replies myself as long as you do! Otherwise, I am pretty free and can have replies ready within a day or two depending. I am of age and my timezone is a minus, if that is in your interest as well.

I will faceclaim anyone (boys and girls) you'd like me to upon request! If there is no one on your mind, I will, or you can, pick from this current list: Seventeen's Jeonghan, Wonwoo, Seokmin, Minghao, and Mingyu. JBJ's Kenta and Yongguk. NCT's Ten and Lucas.

As for plots, if you have something you'd like to do I'll go with it; if not, I have plots of different genres and ratings we can pick from together, or we can start from scratch. Please approach me with anything and everything! I'd like to expand my genres as much as possible. And, I'm pretty much on most platforms... Kakaotalk, Twitter, AFF, Line, Kik, and Discord are all available for roleplaying. If you are still interested, simply shoot me a private message with your faceclaim, a faceclaim you'd like me to be, and the platform you'd like to roleplay on with your ID/link as well and we'll discuss further from there. Thanks!


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