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It was well known that the Byun twins were almost inseparable. They went everywhere together, spent all their free time together because they loved being together. Maybe Baek and Hyun were a bit too close to each other for it to be considered family love or even the twins bond. But honestly, neither of them cared enough to question the relationship they had. 

People kept on saying that once they grew up, everything will be back to normal. But again, they were proven wrong as the bond between the twins grew stronger and more intimate.









 Byun Baek, 19 y.o

  • Older twin
  • Very protective over Hyun
  • The more quiet type, but full of charisma 
  • Loves to tease his little brother
  • Hyun is the most important person in his life, even though he knows his love for the other twin might be more than just love between brothers

Byun Hyun, 19 y.o

  • Younger twin
  • Loves spending his time with Baek and being around him, especially cuddling
  • Lowkey a bit childish and bratty, but just with his brother. Rather cold and quiet with everyone else around him
  • Prefers not to socialize with other people, because he only wants to be around Baek


Hi, hello~ this is actually my first time posting something here, and rn i'm a bit anxious about this buuut i still decided to try and write it.

It's just a little something, a bit of fluff, a bit of something-something between Byun twins because let's be serious who doesn't love Byun twins.

I apologise beforehand in case this turns out really bad---

English is not my first language, so this might sound a bit... weird??.. and hopefully my writing won't seem too forced haha :')


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