Matoki Signal


What happens when a stargazer named Jihyo sends a signal into space and makes contact with Matoki?


"Jihyo was fascinated with astronomy. The vast wonders of space; stars, planets, moons, comets, etc. truly mesmerised the girl and she knew there had to be more out there! There is no way in this vast universe that Earth is the only occupied planet, not with the endless amount of galaxies and solar systems. How dumb an idea that there's billions of vacant planets out there, how wasteful, she thought. So, she decided to make a makeshift radio station which she called TWICE and send her broadcasts beyond our atmosphere to see what happens! People thought this dreamer was crazy and wasting her time.... that is, until one night she actually got a response from a General named Tatsmato."

Our heroine, Park Jihyo

"TWICE is sending a signal!"

With an ever curious mind, Jihyo is a determined girl that, despite everyone calling her crazy, won't give up until she proves all the nay-sayers wrong!


From an unknown planet known as Mato, the B.A.P is a unit of 6 elite soldiers who were planning on "invading" Earth anyway before receiving Jihyo's signal. Let's meet all of them, shall we---

Earthian Name: Yongguk

On Mato, he is known as a deadly killer. You would be wise not to mess with him. You better pray you aren't one of his targets. Often times, he is the leader of his squadrons. Despite his killer instinct and intimidating demeanor, off duty he has a much softer side and generally doesn't say much. 

Earthian Name: Himchan

He is the General of B.A.P and the first person Jihyo made contact with. He holds a lot of authority, but often times s tend to ignore him which leads to chaos and frustration. Despite this, he's also very nurturing and does his best to care for his subordinates. He's also the best looking member of the group and is totally OK stating that.

Earthian Name: Daehyun

The "ninja" of the group, the perfect soldier for ambush and spy missions. At first, he seems very vague and mysterious, but Jihyo will soon find this so-called Matoki Ninja is rather loud and obnoxious sometimes! And he eats a lot. He has an additional special talent of being able to sweetly serenade listeners with his voice.  

Earthian Name: Youngjae

The brains of the group, if you need a good plan or something solved, go to him! This doesn't mean everything can go right all the time, though. He's also very adament about manners, stressing good etiquette. He's the second loudest of the group, and paired up with Daehyun, expect your ears to be ringing for awhile. 

Earthian Name: Jongup

One of the strongest of the group, he's known to work out a lot to keep in good shape. He also enjoys dancing very much. Known as the "Yes Man" in B.A.P, he doesn't question orders and likes to do his best to contribute help in any way he can. He's very loyal to General Himchan. He often speaks in a soft tone of voice and is the weirdest of the group. 

Earthian Name: Zelo

An artificial intelligence created by ShiShiMato (aka Yongguk) himself! This robot is highly advanced with the ability to say an insane amount of syllables per second. He's very cute and charming, and only seems to really listen to Yongguk. 

[ Mato's Governor ]

Ruler of Planet Mato, The Governor regularly checks up on the B.A.P (much to General Himchan's annoyance). She has a very cheery personality. Also has an Earthian name; Jun Hyoseong.

[ A friendly, Yoo Jeongyeon ]

A longtime friend of Jihyo, but is very critical of her alien-searching hobby. Despite this, Jihyo is a very important friend to her, and she is doing all she can--along with Mina--to keep her occupied away from the TWICE station.

[ Another friendly, Myoui Mina ]

Another longtime friend of Jihyo, Mina was originally from Japan until her family moved to South Korea in her early teens. She is a very sweet and caring girl, much gentler to Jihyo concerning her "hobby", but like Jeongyeon, is trying to keep her occupied away from project TWICE.


Hi there! 

Thank you for checking out my story~ This is a fun thing I really wanted to try with a B.A.P fanfiction since the group's fictional backstory is about them being aliens from the planet Mato! There's a lot of fun that could be had with this. Also, as a gift to my brother, it stars TWICE's Jihyo, and because of the group's song "Signal" which was alien-themed, I thought it'd be cute to loosely reference. Other TWICE members (like Jeongyeon and Mina mainly) do appear, but I did not list them among the main cast simply as I don't know how often they will come into the story. Secret's Hyoseong also appears periodically, since she played the Mato Governor in Tah-Dah, It's B.A.P!

EDIT: Added Jeongyeon, Mina, and Hyoseong to cast list.

This is also my little entry for Nubci4's Writing Contest


Cover image & story by me

Jihyo render by HikariKida at dA

B.A.P render by hyunasia at dA


Chapter 7 ended up being slightly longer than the previous by almost 300 words xD
It didn't feel that long when I was reading it back.
Regardless, I hope you enjoy it~ I had a lot of fun writing it!

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263 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 8: A comedy indeed, from Himchan urge to have coffee (he's still a diva) to Zelo the innocent, I laughed so hard. And Nayeon is so funny, who could resist Himchan? (☆^ー^☆)
263 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 7: Her friends are gold. And so is her relationship with Zelo.
263 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 6: Zelo is such a sweetheart. Guess everyone dislike their bosses.
263 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 5: Getting yelled by Himchan is really bad. Poor Jeongyeon. :D
263 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 4: The girls are understanding, it's nice. Thought they would say something about the close, but I'm glad she succeeded in buying the suitable ones. Got a feeling, however, that shopping with Daehyun will be so different.
263 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 3: This is so funny, I laughed so hard at the blonde hair. :D Himchan and Yongguk's bickering is gold. Speaking of gold, they came prepared on Earth. :D
263 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 2: She must have freaked out so badly when he said they got where she was.
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Chapter 1: Her friends are so supportive, me likey. :D