Paint My Love


Sehun never did soften up to love. He's just done with it that's why he gave all his attention to painting. If someone tries to woo him, he makes sure it won't be a walk in the park for them.

Then he met Kim Jongin. The guy was sinfully gorgeous. He just loved this slightly arrogant, slightly selfish, overly handsome and totally great guy. But Sehun suddenly sees red when he heard Jongin insult one of his greatest painting masterpiece.

How dare the man! Jongin doesn't know anything about art so he doesn't have a right to insult his works. So when he met Jongin's younger sister, Yeri—she's one of his fans—and asked him to seduce her workaholic brother, Sehun did exactly what he was not supposed to do. 


Hello, I'm back! So a few days after finishing my 6-story series, I'm back with a new fanfic! And this time, it's the maknae line. I seriously had a hard time deciding who will be the painter here and I finally chose Sehun because I think his personality will fit the story. 

I hope you will support this story! ❤❤❤

I have a new poster courtesy of Minimalist Graphic Shop. Their works are really awesome and they work super fast too!

Second poster made by: (Click the photo to go to their shop)

Current poster made by Eclipse Graphic Shop! They have beautiful designs and works really fast!


Currently working on the next chapter :)

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teufelchen_netty #1
Chapter 8: these two are so sweet and baek and soo cool as always
2elnim #2
I read this on ao3 but I came here to subscribe and upvote this story*.*
author, this story is masterpiece you know from the plot and how you described this story is awesome!! thanks for write it and share it to us im gratefully pls dont delete this story I really like this!! <3
37 streak #3
Chapter 8: Aw, I'm pretty sure that Kai couldn't sleep because Sehun wasn't there by his side. And now that he is, he instantly knocked out. Can't wait for the next update! And you're so lucky that you went to their concert! I can't even get mine without the tickets running out. *cries*
45 streak #4
Chapter 8: Awwwww..... Just confess you two ... I'm almost tired with your denials......


Maybe we need a little more push from Kyungie and Baekkie.

44 streak #5
242 streak #6
Chapter 8: hahaa sehun's so cute when he was panicking!!
teufelchen_netty #7
Chapter 7: jongin is such a sweetheart. why isnt there a men in real life like him
Chapter 7: This is amazing! All the couples are perfect to me ❤ Also the personalities of the characters have a good construction. Sehun is so lovely and Kai, Oh Kai all hi needs is love.
37 streak #9
Chapter 7: Yay, Sehun is going to encounter his ghost! I'm glad that he's trying to move on because staying in the past is never good so his future will be Jongin!