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hey, hey! making friends in the rpw has been becoming progressively harder. especially with agencies shutting down at the rate they do. i primarily fc as males, and i am looking to make some friends in the rp communitiy! so, please continue reading if you're interested in acquainting yourself with me.





here are the basics! (things you should know before messaging me here on aff.)

- i faceclaim as males only. the lack of roleplay as an experience is a huge setback.

- twitter and kkt only! i would prefer to add you on kkt, and follow you on my fl as we become closer.

- timezone is est or gmt-5. please keep that in mind when messaging me.

- i absolutely adore roleplaying, i really do. the thing is, though... i don't have much time to do particularly in-depth roleplay at this point in time. my excuse is the same as most others, and it is because my education comes first! but, i enjoy casual talk and would prefer to do smaller, and less time consuming scenes.

- i claim to be semi-lit, but i do tend to stray from that catagory. i'm a closeted crackhead...

- i'm incredibly gay. or, homoflexible. i don't know, i've never been with a girl. SWEATS.

- my usual fcs are: bts' jeongguk, bts' taehyung, bts' yoongi, nct's sicheng, victons sejun.

- i'll continue to update this as time goes on. please check back here regularly if you please.


when sending a dm here on aff, please follow this form! it's nnot something you have to closely follow, but please make it something like this.

- kkt id (or twitter, if you don't have kkt):

- your fc:

- your timezone:


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