Beautiful Liar

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Jeon Jungkook is Azulkra's most skilled assassin and the favorite one at the Blue inn. He is known for his vicious and merciless killing and his loyalty to Lord Byul.

He comes across an unexpected proposal one day, to kill the prince of Azulkra


Azulkra- City in which Jungkook lives in and the capital of Oxulca. 

Oxulca- One of the 5 countries. 

Beinglav- City of merchants and trade. It is a port city and the city in which Jungkook is believed to be from. 

Balga island- The assassin island. Home of the Great Shinpu, the best assassin in the world. People go to this island to train with other assassins. 

Beinz- Currency of Oxulca

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cwong2707 #1
Chapter 2: this was really good! but, I think the author should improve their grammar a little bit. I don't mean to be rude but, I think they should learn a little bit more grammar and yeaaa

that's all I have to say
omoruyi #2
Chapter 1: This is so cool
omoruyi #3
Wow i am excited for this story:)