Regarding Reincarnation As a Boy & Being Scouted In BTS


A 33 years old woman died from heart attach during her late night drinking in her house. Sobering by herself who lives in an apartment with no securities, she died without help coming to her. As she wakes up from hers slumber, she found herself in the hospital with medical equipments next her. She then realized something strange happening to her, her body is pale, her hair is short and her face is of a gorgeous man? Six pack abs and perfectly carved face like a doll. Did she came back to life and turned into a boy?!


This fanfic is made by imagination basing from BTS members videos and fan accounts remarks.

Purely made for fans by fans.


I changed the chapter titles. I thought about this belatedly... Thanks for subscribing and upvoting!

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will there be 8 then? or 7 ? o: