can’t stop loving you (even if my heart breaks)

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Dahyun was sure Sana was the love of her life. Sana was sure she would end up breaking Dahyun’s heart.


Dahyun fell in love with one her customers. She was ready to do anything to win the girl's heart, but things got complicated...



Hello everyone, this is my first fanfic ever, please be gentle. 

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any awkward grammar or mistakes!

I accept any constructive criticism and would be very glad to know you guys' honest opinions. <3

I hope you enjoy!


cover made by arrobahyun. thanks a lot <3

hey everyone! i'm not dead, just got busy + not feeling motivated lately lol i'll try to update as soon as possible, in the meantime, stream WHAT IS LOVE!!!!

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82 streak #1
Chapter 5: Dubu fighting~
Chapter 5: Please update author-nim
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 5: Waiting for the update :)
123 streak #4
Chapter 5: Sana! Look what you made dahyun do!
kygo12 #5
I always get happy when I see you update haha
kyungtaetho #6
Chapter 5: I have so many questions!
please update soon cause i will die lol !
arrobahyun #7
Chapter 5: Thank you for the update
I'm so intrigued now!
Saida_love #8
Chapter 5: Thanks I enjoyed it a lot.. pls update soon authornim, can't wait
Kk16ir #9
Chapter 5: You hang us here waiting and worrying!!
Chapter 5: Thanks for the cliffhanger >.< so much for my excitement eh XD