She's afraid of falling in love. He wants to fall in love.

"I wanted to get out, but when you offered me coffee and started to small talk, I thought you wanted to have with me."

"Our hearts are like
And when they strike
We feel the love

Firestone - KYGO



✽ Pairing: Kai x OC (Park Sera)

Genre: college!au, slight , short!fic

Status: Complete

Rating: PG-13


Mains: Kim Jongin (Kai), Park Sera, Oh Sehun, Irene


None atm


xoxoexo here! ♡

✽ so this is basically a deviation from my usuals and i really want to do a short fic, so i decided to do one. this will be FILLED with lots of fluff (a little bit of drama) and a whole ton of romance. it's gonna be typical, ngl, but i'm gonna spice it to my own way!! hopefully i'll get to updating this tho lmao

✽ MOST OF THIS IS GOING TO BE TAKEN FROM MY REAL LIFE. i'm in college and this popped out of nowhere but it was literally because... i'm in college and everything i'm experiencing is just so surreal, y'all, so yeah i'm taking into context universities but really universities in the USA, not in korea (idk how they work otl)

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All words, ideas, are written by me, xoxoexo. I am in no way claiming rights against the characters in this story, however my original characters are created by me and so remain as mine. Unecessary stealing of characters are also prohibited.

Similar plotline and development are all merely a coincidence.

© xoxoexo

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