Exo Snippets.

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drabble page, exo stories. all ships, almost all au's. 

mostly half finished stories


Most of these are preludes to longer fics, that's why some of them don't have ships on them. 

[I] Incomplete fic, [SW] Story world,


  1. Tiny Tiny Drabbles - All au's (66 ships- incomplete) 1.3k words
  2. Canon - Canon au (Baekxing) 172 words
  3. Pretty Boy Powers - Power au (OT9) 5k words
  4. Monster University - University au, #Monsters (OT9) 1.5k words
  5. Adhere to the Dress Code - Bar au  700 words
  6. And We Run - Wolf au, #arranged marriage (Kaixing) 1k words
  7. Give Yourself Goosebumbs - College au, #unrequited (Chansoo) 1k words
  8. A Deep and Moving Title - Detective au (Chen mc - Incomplete) 413 words
  9. Should've Said Something - College au (Suchen, Baekchen) 2k words
  10. Elevate, Stagnate - omegaverse (Lukaixing) 1k words
  11. Perfect Strangers - space au (Taosoo) 554 words
  12. Black and Blue - surviving poverty au (Kai) 284 words
  13. Towels - Roommate au (chansoo ft chinguline) 518 words
  14. Coffee and Idiocy - #friends to lovers (Kaisoo) 1.4k words
  15. Forget me, Forget me not (Xiubaek - incomplete) 529 words








I also do prompt fills, inbox me your ship + au. oc's allowed. Not red flags/ TW fics though, thanks.
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