PETRICHOR — Soulmate|Hanahaki AU (Zhang Yixing)




"Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences."
- Emery Allen



What would you do if you’re not meant for your soulmate?


Yixing is like the petrichor. That smell the earth produces when rain falls. It makes your stomach upset but you can’t get enough of its pleasant scent. Just like how Yixing makes your heart ache, but can’t get enough of his presence. He’s the cause and cure of your heart’s imminent torture.




Almost half a year ago, I saw a friend’s facebook post with the quote above (it was a little different, probably altered so to make it seem like they wrote it) and I googled the quote and was linked to Emery Allen’s Tumblr account. I was inspired to write this fanfic by that quote and this is what I came up with! Coincidentally, I was also listening to EXO’s (both K and M ver.) What if... and it just fueled the plot I concocted in my mind.

I’ve been working on this fanfic for half a year now and I just… It’s hard lmfao. I can usually finish writing one-shots (Originally a one-shot) in 10 days or less, this took me more than I allow myself. Angst is very hard to write for me recently because I get triggered easily and I just end up crying myself to sleep instead of finishing my writing. I hope you all love and enjoy reading this story as much as I suffered writing hahaha. 


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Chapter 5: It’s 2:12 of a Monday and I shouldn’t be reading this! What the hell? But I’m oddly satisfied with the ending though I wonder who Jongdae ended up with? Poor dude, he’s such a nice guy
markmeevil #2
Chapter 5: On the one hand, I’m happy they have a second chance, but ending it there where we don’t even have a chance to see them experience being happy after 15000+ words is kind of a bummer. There was almost more sunshine/jongdae interaction than with Yixing. I should have stuck to my no angst policy. You’re writing and storytelling are good though...
dailydreamer #3
Chapter 4: Long ending in one go pleaaaaseee! This story is so good. Thank you for the work that you put in to this <3
bookworm514 #4
Chapter 4: a long ending in one go please!!!
There's nothing here .·´¯`(>·<)´¯`·.
Chapter 3: SO GOOD!! please update
Chapter 3: Anyway, I just hope you'll keep going with this story. I'm looking forward to what will happen next. Thanks for bringing new Yixing angst to my life...
Chapter 3: I wasn't expecting at all for them to be sisters and even less to get along so well, or her mother getting her tattoo as well. It's so sad in a way. I have a question tho: so if she was only comfortable being sleeves around her mother, family and closest friends, that means they've seen the name on her wrist, right? If that's the case, her aunt knew he was her soulmate but she must've know that she wasn't his.... I mean, considering how proud he is to have his soulmate. *sigh* I feel so bad for the character....
Chapter 2: Oh my! My heart hurt after reading this. Not only she's not getting the love of her life but she knows the girl!!!! uuuggghh