After all, I have to take care of her feelings even though we hate each other - Kyuhyun

My 'Lovely' enemy+evil-Husband Cho Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I can't believe my eyes. For the tenth time (I guess) I rubbed them. The clip! I watch the clip with full curiosity in me. I saw, well, what you all read okay? I sighed and glared at the pale Kateryn. Guess what, she's speechless. I went near her and whispered, "We need to talk" as I say I dragged her away from my hyungs. 

"ouch! Kyuhyun! Please, be gentle! It hurts!" she said. I quickly released my grip. I glanced at her hand. WTH?! I only hold her hand for 3 minutes, and it became really really RED! But, Kaitlyn's hand, don't easily become red like that. I rubbed the back of my neck. "sorry..." I muttered.

"Never mind" She said as she rubbed her hand. "need help..?" I asked her. She stared at me. "why did you dragged me all over here?" I smacked my head. How come I forgot about my intention!

"What did you do to Kaitlyn??" 

"oppa.." Kateryn paused, trying to hold my hand. "Oppa, I was accidentally, split and strangle her. Sorry. I didn't mean too" She hug me.

"It's not me you have to say sorry. Its HER. Kaitlyn." I released the hug, and stared in the beautiul eyes.

Kateryn suddenly released our holds hands in anger and glared at me. "WHY SHOULD I SAY SORRY TO THAT ?!" oopps...

I stunned. ??! I stared at her. "? WHO? KAITLYN?!"

Kateryn stared down on the floor. I grabbed her shoulder. "I'll said this one time only. If you don't sayy sorry to her, I think we shouldn't meet anymore. If you love me, say sorry to her for me. ARASO?!" I yelled make Kateryn stuttered.  She stared at my anger eyes. "oppa.."

"No excuse. Now, goodbye" I said and leave her alone.

"Oppa!!!" she called me, but I ignored. I walked back to the room. I saw KIbum, Heechul, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk hyung were discussing something. I walked to them.

"Kyu.." Leeteuk said. I looked at him and make a fake smile.

"Yah! Where is your special friend?! I want to talk a bit about her behaviour toward my dongsaeng!" Heechul said with anger. All of us looked at him. Dongsaeng? Who? My wife enemy, Kaitlyn?

"What?!" Heechul asked annoyingly.

All of us stared at him unbelievablely. "since when Kaitlyn become your dongsaeng?" Leeteuk asked.

Heechul stunned. He rubbed the back of his head. "Did I said dongsaeng?" he asked Leeteuk.

"Do you think I make up story? I have three witnesses here. Even her husband!" Leeteuk said.

"Husband?" Kibum's voice heard. I looked at him. Oh, only him and Kangin hyung doesn't know about our marriage yet. 

"Yes, Kaitlyn is married with Kyuhyun"

"WHAT?!" KIbum suddenly yelled, make us startled. "sorry...can't believe someone at young age already married" he continued.

"It's already 6 months they get married." Leeteuk keep explaining. That's why I love him being our leader, because he'll try his best to clear the situation.

"But, how come I didn't know a thing while I'm in America? I mean, Kyuhyun, your company is famous in America, but how..don't have any news about it?"

"We got married in private ceremony. My parents and her parents don't want to reveal our status unntil the right time comes, because we afraid that some of the ELFs will chased her."

"Oh..I see" he paused. "YAH! She haven't fully recovered! How about the stitches on her hand??" Kibum continued. I stunned. Hoc come I forgot about her?!

"Hyung, I'll be back later" I said as I'm running out from the clinic. But, I glanced at them for the last time and I saw Heechul, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk making fun of my last word."i'll be back" THey do the 2pm's dance. Just you guys wait, I'll deal with you all later.

I run out and searched for Kaitlyn's figure. I gasped. I saw her being surrounded by four drunk guys. FOUR DRUNK GUYS SURROUNDED MY WIFE?!

I walked towards them harshly. But before I could do anything to save her, she already make her move. As a result, those bastard guys laying down fainted. I looked at Kaitlyn unbelievablely. I'm impressed. I saw she blow the dust at her fist. (does it exist? :/)

I clapped my hands and said, "WoW! I don't know you could be that strong after you was hospitalized 2 hours ago."

She looked at me and said, "Who do you think, I am? Crybaby? Howling everynight like your girlfriend?"

Ok, stop it. Don't bash her, after all, she still my girlfriend. I   walked towards her. "are you okay?" I asked.

She moved her lips up. I admit, she look so CUTE! err, I mean Kateryn more cuter than her when she pout. After we talked a while,  both of us headed to the dorm. We opened the dorm and were surprised to see Min Woo run towards Kaitlyn and hug her. He even carried her like a BRIDAL STYLE and put her carefully on the couch. I was like, what he up to now?! 

End of Kyuhyun P.O.V

Kyuhyun still standing at the main door, staring at Min Woo, who curiously looked all over Kaitlyn's body. I mean all OVER HER BODY! 

"YAh! What's wrong with you? Scanning me like that? " Kaitlyn muttered while trying to get up from the couch, but Min Woo quickly pushed her down and trapped her between his hands. Their situation is like Min woo is going to kiss Kaitlyn. Kyuhyun who is watching while crossing his hands from the main door, widen his eyes. WTH?!


A/N: Hey~~~~ Hahah, I hope its good enough. Long chapter. Hope you enjoy reading it. Ah! By the way, I want to ask you guys, is it true that G.Na is Eunhyuk's ex-girlfriend?? Just asking, but I want to ask your opinion if it is true. Do you like G.Na and Eunhyuk together? For me, it's cool. Plus, they'll be cute together. But, I don't know how your opinion, just share it. HEHHEE, anyway, I can't wait for 19th March. SUPER JUNIOR is COMING to MALAYSIA!!! KYAA!!!! I feel so happy, but sad at the same time, because I'm going to my hometown on that date. ARGH!! TT.TT

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