Virtual Ensnare

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It started with a game,


More specific, a mobile game,


Even more specific, a Virtual Hyper Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Mobile Role Playing Game.


It called Ambrosia


On the beginning of 2018, South Korea’s most well-known game developer company, Obsydian Co., had been developing a brand new technology for online mobile gaming. They invented the Virtual Hyper Reality Device or as they called it, VHR, to feel the new experience of mobile gaming where players could be experiencing a hyper reality adventure inside the games. The device’s similar to VR Glasses those gamers use nowadays, but with a special wireless technology they had planted in the game software it could give the players some sensation where they won’t be controlling their physical body anymore but they controlled the virtual body in the game instead.


Ambrosia itself had been their very first project where it start its story on an Alternate Universe called New Korea, a post-apocalyptic version of South Korea. Players could develop their self-made character through the quests and missions given in the game, and build their own path towards the main goal, to be the best Warrior in New Korea.


The game had just been released on Closed Beta Testing (CBT) server, which the access was only given for the game developer inner circles. Unfortunately, the secret download link had been uncontrollably leaked amongst the Idols in South Korea. 


Here’swhere the disaster starts.



it’s me Jiho, i know that i were never continued my other story.. i’m sorry but the more i think about it i’m not really sure if i could write angsty story, so i decided to back to my original genre, which is Fantasy!

this story was inspired on an anime called Log Horizon, it’s about peoples who trapped inside a game or smth.

i hope you enjoy this story, and i’ll try to update the few first chapter right after i finish building the main line for the story flow!

and for disclaimer statement :

i solely stating that none of the characters in this story were mine to be claimed. The story itself is pure made with my Imagination but as I said before, it’s mainly inspired by Log Horizon, so don’t ever attack me with those nasty comments about how plagiarizing the work, okay???

hope you guys enjoy it!

see you later,


Yang Jiho

The long awaited ch 4 updated

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niel-ie #1
Chapter 4: I hope whoever stole your laptop will get punish immediately. the chapters are all great btw! poor seongwu though :(
nana0415 #2
Chapter 4: Thanks for the update..Poor seongwoo..hope you'll update soon..Cant wait for the next chapter^^
Maxillary #3
nana0415 #4
Chapter 3: Wow nice chapter..Hope ong will get well soon..I really want to know whats wrong with the game..Btw thanks for the update and please update soon..Tq authornim^^
niel-ie #5
Chapter 2: okay first of all, MINHYUN'S THEIR CAPTAIN???? how? when? ughhh I need to read more @)$+'[email protected]+;"#