It didn't take long to fall in love with the aura of the city, as well as it did for her to fall for someone she considered to be the perfect guy.

There was always something about him that had her wanting more and craving more. With the ways that he had her whipped, he soon became her first for everything. The typical nature of it being a high school fling never once crossed her mind, because she knew that there was something gravely different about this guy.

She willingly and daringly gave in to him like an innocent, blossoming flower underneath the gleam of the incadescent, radiant sun. That was until she learns that in a city full of thousands among thousands of people, they're all beautiful liars, and no one is an exception to having a dark past, or present.

The longer that she was around him, she had discovered that he had many things to hide as well as the others around them, including herself. 

This 'fling' was either meant to be something more, or his undeniable charm made it seem too good to be true. Byun Baekhyun was a mysterious case, and the longer she swam in his ocean of riddles, she would eventually find herself drowning. 





Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x OC

Genre (Rating): Highschool!AU, fluff, romance, etc. (M)

This fiction contains sensitive content so please proceed with caution.



Author's Note


This is my first ever fanfiction or story ever because  I've been so inspired to write one. I thank the readers that have given lots of feedback and have been loyal to this story, pointing out things that will help me improve my writing. This story has been transformed so much, and it is definitely a different approach (being more fluffy) for me. Things won't go fast because I felt like I was being too unrealistic before! Patience is a virtueee. 

I think I changed the title of this story about 4 times, but I think I'm going to stick with this one for good before I drive myself crazy LOL. This will probably be a long story, and yes it consists of some angst but its there to balance out all the fluff you'll read!

I hope you enjoy this story, and I would love to hear your feedback as the plot unravels. 

See you on chapter one! ♥

To my current and new readers: I've added a poll to the bottom of to Chapter one regarding the format of this story. Please place your votes whenever you can! Thank you!

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0 points #1
Chapter 4: il kinda confused how did baekhyun know where she was? her phone died
0 points #2
Chapter 4: Mmmm I'm digging it OC seems a bit more innocent and Baekhyun more alluring and charming... and he feels sort of dangerous? Mysterious I suppose, love him anyway :P also idk how to feel about Mina, that sneaky /interesting/
Khadija-harx 0 points #3
Chapter 4: Okay..... I see.....this is what we are doing then. I never expected that. From what I can interpretate, I think Mina will be a important addition to the story. I can see that she already dotes on the OC, like another protective source for the OC. Mina is going to help or guide the OC from now on because she can clearly see the OC is naive and wout be able to protect herself from from danger. But she has already got herself involved with baek. Though not saying baekhyun is dangerous for her but his world is. Mina is going to turn into a place for OC to go to if she feels conflicted about baekhyun and his antics. I don’t think baek wants that because it seems he has been accustomed to Mina for a long time so she knows his ways. The ways he doesn’t want the OC to find out about. That’s probably why he took the card away so the OC wout come across him and ‘his gang’. But I don’t think Mina is like that. She seems to also like baek- which probably means she is loyal to his secret. Plus she probably wouldn’t want to hurt the OC by telling her the truth (because she already likes her as well) which will end up with Mina keeping shut until something happens that puts the OC in danger, then probably she will open to tell the OC to run.
I don’t know where I’m going with this but I have a whole theory (which is probably wrong) going through my head about the outcome is this story. Honestly like 162883 ideas are running thorugh my head trying to comprehend everyone’s action. I have school right now and I’m probably gonna be thinking about this all day long. Well I guess learning is not a priority today.
Thank you for the chapter and I’ll try reading your other stories after my exams finsh.
19 streak 0 points #4
Chapter 4: Baekhyun came to save the day!!!
LMAO WTF it was so creepy of Mina to sort of 'force' her into working there ;;

lesson of the day: never accept drinks offered by stranger
delightyeols 0 points #5
Chapter 4: Everyone is so suspicious hmmmm
128 streak 0 points #6
Chapter 4: Hmm, now that she owes him.. I wonder what he'll do. Why is everyone so shady?? I hope she'll start being more cautious from now on. I'm glad Baekhyun came to her rescue though ^^ Nothing too bad happened to her. And I really don't like Lisa and her friends. -.- They're so annoying LMAO xD
19 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 3: This chapter hit home for me, perosnally, because I've had "friends" like Lisa who forced me into drinking. Peer pressure big time but we eventually succumb to it because our "friends" said so. My heart goes out for the oc :-((
I hope Baekhyun comes to the rescue asap.
Baekhyun is wayyyyy better than all of them combined and also a much better companion.
Yeppeo_Byun 12 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 3: I think Lisa and her friend impolite. I don't like Lisa and her friends. This is more exciting
Khadija-harx 1 points #9
Chapter 3: Ughhhhhhhhhh the agony!!!! I had to read the ditching scene with my phone a mile away from me because I just couldn’t read it without having the urge of fighting the OC. I’m sick of tired of Lisa shenanigans. The stopped the OC from having a possible relationship bloom and I have a theory it’s out of jealousy. Of course, I don’t blame her. baek is handsome. Everyone wants him. But that little Lisa just need to figure out she blew her chance. Ughhhhhhh I’m just so frustrated as to how they treated the OC at the end. Honestly you are making me hate blackpink in real life. I’m so close to going to JYP abd asking them to square up. Also I feel like me and the OC have the same way of thinking because the first thing we both images was the picture of baek pouting like a puppy!
Anyway enough of my mindless thinking. As you may see, I went through many emotions when reading this. Mostly pain (thank you for that). However exceptional writing. Exceptional chapter. Exceptional pain- The three horse men of the apocalypse all in one.
Have a blessed day. :)
delightyeols 1 points #10
Chapter 3: The cliffhanger lfkdk