Trust, Let's Trust.


"Kim Jongin, CEO of KJC and Byun Heeyoung of Byun Enterprise, to be wed as news of potential merger between Byun Enterprises and KJC is announced."

"Who is Byun Heeyoung, the heir of Byun Enterprises, that seems to have popped out from nowhere?"

"Kim-Byun wedding, A SHAM!!!!"



Byun Heeyoung, a name no one had heard of before and if they had, it was easily forgotten. It all changes when she's announced as not only the heir for Byun Enterprises, but also the future wife of Kim Jongin, the CEO of KJC.

Jongin doesn't expect much from this marriage, but Heeyoung, proves to be the complete opposite of what he expected.

And Heeyoung, well she's made it clear, her end goal is Byun Enterprises, and the marriage is just a stepping stone for her.

Their marriage is definitely going to be a roller coaster, especially when you add in their friends and family and the biggest factor, Feelings.


















Finally after over a year I have a cover, all thanks to BhumigArts

The story was previously completed, but as of right now due to it being edited, i've removed the complete tag.
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