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After running late for my morning lecture, I got penalized by returning these books back to the university’s library.

“PJ330, A18088…” I was looking for the row of this chemistry book. “It must be here… oh! I found it.”

I tiptoed to reach the last row in this ally, but my height was no help at these moments.

“Ah I reached it!” I exclaimed.

While brushing my hands together, a long arms were wrapped around me and a loud noise was resulted.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“I’m f-fine, what happened?”

“You can ask for help, you did you carelessly risked your life like this?”

“Risked my life?” I chuckled sarcastically. “My life will end just because of this book?”

“You only can see this one book?...” I felt there was something behind his words, I stretched my neck to peek on what did he meant by that, to see that he was withstanding the shaky metal rows by his board back.

“Oh my! Are you alright?”

“What happened here? Why did the two of you do?” the library manager came in shouting.

“Manager, the technician had came.”

“What technician?”

“One of the books shelves section was unstable and the books keeps falling from it…” then he noticed that those rows are being stabilized from falling by the back of this man in front of him.

“Oh my! I’m sorry. I forgot to put a sign on it.”

“Hang on there young man. We will help you out.”

By that the surrounding students help him out and the rows returned to the technician to fix them up.





“We’re sorry student. Are you really okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine don’t worry.”

When they left first, “Thank you. And sorry for earlier.”

“No, it’s not your fault. It’s fortunate that I was there, or you must have been hurt badly instead.”

She blinked couple of times in disbelief.

“Ah, Jimmy K.” He stretched his arm.

“Kim Taeyeon.” She shook it back.

“What major are you?”

“Business, and you?”

“Oh! I’m Business too.”

“What a coincidence.”

“So, we are going to see each other more often.” He mumbled.


“Ah, nothing.” 


“Taeyeon-ah~” someone approached them.

“How was your exam?”

“Ah, forget that -” she then noticed Jiyong beside her. “Hello, it’s the first time to see you around.”

“Ah yeah, I’m Jimmy K, a transferee student in business major.”

“Kim Hyoyeon. Taeyeon’s unnie.”

“Nice to meet you.” They shake hands.

“Woah, you’re weird. Who shake hands these days?-”

Taeyeon poked her.

“Ah what? Anyway, you didn’t forget right? You have to go instead of me. I have to attend this competition no matter what.”

“I got it, just go.”

“Don’t forget!” she told her while running.


“So, see you around. I have to go now.”

“Yeah sure, nice to meet you Taeyeon-ssi.”

She just nodded and went first.


“Where were you?” a man approached him, “I have been waiting for you for a while!”

“Ah, I was just…”

“I called several times already.”

“Oh, it was on silent mode. Sorry.” He smiled awkwardly.

“Let’s go.”





My unnie that we are apart by 2 years only asked me to attend a writing exam instead of her as she have to attend the dancing competition that she prepared for it for months already.

You ask what writing exam is that? I don’t know, I only heard that an invitation card came to my parents and Hyoyeon’s name was there.

She said that I should wear prettily for it. So here I go with the Ted Baker’s unity floral midi dress and Jimmy Choo matte black high heels, together with MIU MIU golden clutch.

“Hey how do I look?” I video called her.

“Oh! There’s a progress little sister.”

“What is this written exam about?”

“I don’t know either, while mother was nagging I had my Airpods on.”

I chuckled since this is my typical sister. “You didn’t forget right?”

“Yeah sure, I owe you this.”

“Good luck with your competition, come back with the first place.”

“Sure thing, who am I?”

I laughed, “I arrived now, fighting unnie!”


The place I arrived was strange, it was as it was a set of a movie.

It was a filled with seats and tables, but a fancy one.

“Can I have your ID, please?”

“Oh! Where is it?” I acted as if I was looking for it. “What should I do? I forget it.”

“Can I have your name?”

“Sure, Kim Hyoyeon.”

“From here Ms. Kim.” He lead the way.

It was a hall, where everyone is dressed fancily, and the waiters are roaming around serving beverages and light snacks; just if I was filming a Disney movie then.

“May you have a seat please?” the employee pulled the chair for me. “You will be notified soon with everything you need to now. Have a refreshing drink by then.” He signed for the waiter to come.

They distribute the papers later, the questions were creepy. Things random, like: what would you do if you saw someone commenting in a bad way on the government? What is your favorite character in the nation’s history? What would you decide if there was a chance to reunite with the northern side of Korea?  

I answered them seriously, and left first.

While my unnie really won that competition and returned back home with the first place medal.


The next morning, I was yawning while trudging myself to the lecture.

But then a sudden downpour welcomed me.

“Ah! It’s really not the perfect timing for you to come now!” I cursed the skies.

“Let her cry.” Someone said and leaned his umbrella toward me.

“Who is crying?” I turned to see that man from yesterday.

“The sky.”

I chuckled, “What a childish comment.”

“Just comfort her and she will stop crying.”

“You’re crazy really.” I laughed at him.

He squatted down while staring at the pouring sky. “Hey, Sky…”

“Hey what are you doing? You’ll get all wet.” I sat beside him, so he can be covered from the rain drops.

“Why are you crying?” he was seriously asking the sky. “Who annoyed you? Tell me I will go and punish them!”

“Hello? Are you for real?-”

His index finger met my lips, “Shsh! Just keep comforting her.” He nodded, “Give it a try…”

I sighed, “Hey sky, these heartless people don’t deserve your tears. I mean look how they are living such a cool life while spraying here and there those pesticides and perfumes in the air to please their needs and never cared about you, and look how kind you are by pleasuring them by your tears as they get benefited from it, by watering their crops and filling their tanks. So please stop crying and-” then I returned to my right mind, “What am I doing right now?” I sighed, but then to be distracted with his loud laugh as I walked away from him.

“Why are you laughing?” I turned angrily at him, even though his laugh was so charming.

“See…” he spread his two arms in both ways.

Really the rain stopped.

“No sense.” I shrugged it, “No, it’s impossible how would the skies be this childish?”

“You know that you’re cute?” he came close to me and pinched my nose.

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