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Being on edge, being anxious... that was normal for me. My "baseline" is just high anxiety. I've gotten pretty good at avoiding panic attacks but sometimes they are unavoidable. I try not to let it be so obvious that I'm anxious all the time. People will try to accomdate me or make me feel better, which usually just leads to making me even more anxious. I haven't had a relationship in a long time because of how I am. It's hard to meet new people, form new relationships, or even begin to explain to someone why I am the way that I am. I've heard, "Just relax", "There's no reason to be nervous" and more too many times; so I avoid it instead. But for whatever reason this guy is showing interest in me despite the fact that I haven't had one honest conversation with him and am, well, me... I don't know why he's sticking around me but I don't have any particular inclination to find out.


Hey all! There are a lot of werewolf/mate fics out there and a commonality in many of them is the mate ability to feel the other's emotions or something similar to that. I thought it would be interesting to do a fic where the mate struggles with anxiety. I had been thinking about how it's often really difficult to explain what it's like to struggle with anxiety to someone who doesn't share that struggle. I am going to try to tackle that a bit with this fic. I would love any feedback, criticism, support, etc. on this fic. Updating once or twice a week!


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emeleo #1
Chapter 5: Hello, Good evening!
I really liked the story .. and the POV idea.. i think im fine with either.. but i would always like to read both of POV!
even though i started reading it today.. i cant wait for the next update!
Hi, it's me again! Haha. How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Your story has more of an original twist to it that is very nice. I look forward to seeing what happens next!! Take care!
Chapter 4: Oh! I hope you are feeling better. I am feeling under the weather as well. Take it easy and rest well. Thank you for the update. I will look forward to your next one as well. Hahaha.. No pressure though!
Chapter 4: I am really enjoying your story!! Thank you for writing it. I can relate to Sonja in so many ways. I too, have anxiety issues. It is very nice how much detail you put into how and why she does things. I am also enjoying learning about Kai/Jongin and his perspective of things and his feelings. Once again, thank you!
Chapter 3: ... am I the only one commenting because I could relate SO MUCH to Sonja? I may not have anxiety but she is always planning about her life and hates unexpected schedule that suddenly emerge in her life. Not to mention she is clumsy and she is easily startled. Istg I am Sonja most of the time. Even at the workplace.
Chapter 2: Oh you mention my name! It's an honor!
Chapter 1: Ohh, I actually understand her a bit. She planned every single thing before going to work right. And she hates being watched while doing work because it seems like people are judging her and all.
Btw I am quite curious about this story. Overall, chapter 1 is good. It is detailed. So, I will wait for another update! ^^