SERENDIPITY (straight & nonau)  — CLOSED!

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about us

a very good coincidence often leading to something really awesome.

looking for a comfortable place with awesome people and never ending happiness? Serendipity Roleplay is the place for you! Non-au, straight and facebook based. We’re newly opened and have tons of face claims specially for you! Come and join the family now!


001 // be active! by active we mean posting in groups, wall, etc. that’s how we will base you activeness. and please, don’t stay in PM. socialize! you must be active at least four times a week.

002  // this a straight rp which means no and yuri. sorry. sismance and bromances are fine though!

003 // 1 week dating ban. don’t rush into love. moving couples are accepted. 1 month in a relationship before marriage. pregnancy is allowed. not that pregnancy should be at least a month!

004 // no dramas! please separate your IC and OOC dramas. also, don’t ever make a public scene. if you have issues with someone, please talk it out in pm. It’ll only affect the atmosphere of the whole place.

005 // we allow ccs and tccs. note that when you change character make sure you keep that character for at least a month.

006 // no facechashing! we advise you to not face chase. It’s really not nice to others and give chance to other people. never judge a book by it’s cover. pw: your fave eargasm.

008 // you must follow all the rules. fail to follow these, you’re out. we will only give you three warnings.

009 // big respect to all the admins. no bashing and definitely no bullying. please treat each other kindly.

010 // leaving, hiatus and sced! please inform all the admins. once you leave, you’ll immediately get blocked. if you get security checked, we will only give you two days to return.

how to join

001 // subscribe is a must and upvote is appreciated ( your aff account must be at least two months old )

002  // check the master list if your desired idol is available. comment below with the format below. 

003 // once the admins have accepted you. you have 24 hours to pm your link account (here) !

004 // after being announced by an admin, you must introduce yourself in the introduction group.

005 // lastly, have fun!

idol name


ooc age






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red velvet
ailee’s highnote
Soojungminhyuk #2
Gmt +7
“Let’s eat”
Moving couple with Mark of got7
turning 21
“wanna sleep?”... bc tired af