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Black Cherry's main vocalist Chang Eunhwa is different from other girls. Sehun doesn't know what he's signing up for when he gets emotionally invested in the Healer. She never came with a warning label. Then again, neither did he. All he wanted a peaceful second life. Fate has more than just revival in store...



.... And I'm back with my first fic of 2018, 'Healer' a.k.a. the romance story of the year! This isn't your usual romance story. So if you like the typical romance fiction trope I suggest you walk away. Buuuut, if you like well thought out stories, stories with Sehun, stories with a bit of heartache, stories that make you want more, some aliens, some twisted mythology, Lay, annoying exs, more aliens, superpowers, convicts, idol group banter, zombies, TOTAL ANNIHILATION, and want some of that good, good romance then my friend, you, you're in the right place. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you just wanna see how all that meshes together. Then go ahead. Read 'Healer.'



-- Inspired by OCN's drama 'Duel.'



Thank you to Dope Ads and Graphics for the lovely poster and advertisements 



'Healer' is that one story where anything and everything can happen. Remember that.

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theluckyone 0 points #1
Chapter 17: You're kidding me. Eunhwa ripped open a bus, unscathed. How can she not survive this? I refuse to believe that she's dead. In fact, I believe they (Eunhwa and Jongin) were playing a drama, to make people believe that the real Eunhwa is gone so, none will fusses over the old Eunhwa's disappearance. I hate how Jongin was acting even though I still believe he was pretending, lol. Ugh, I enjoyed this chapter so much, it thrilled me, shocked me, saddened me, got me thinking... I want to thank you for yet another wonderful update! You're a talented writer.
149 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 16: Can I got a saucepan and hit Sehun's head hard? Even in a joke matter, he shouldn't just say "No. How many times do I have to say it (that he didn't want a child)"
Girls got over sensitive sometimes, ya know?
Don't be such a douche...
They're kind of cute by the way, except sehun ruined the moment in the end. What a shame.
theluckyone 1 points #3
Chapter 16: I think there's a lot of trouble all at once. One, she's pregnant. Two, she needs to leave to other planet? Three, marriage. Really? How is it gonna work? Four, I smell Jongin coming because he's a gargarean? Did I spell that right? Five, enemies are rising. Six, SEHUNIDUNWANNABEDADDY
It's heartbreaking that Sehun don't want any child. That's just so sad for Eunhwa, I would be too if it was me. About that note... I have a feeling that it's not gonna end up nice.. I think it is from Sehun's enemy? Or not, cause Eunhwa seems to understand the random letters and words?

Anyway, thank you for the update! I love the chapter!
89 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 16: This story is hell confusing for me.One minute thy are couple then the next they breakup then jongin came between them and the oc love jongin and now she pregnant or what?.
1 points #5
Chapter 8: I never knew I could hate Jongin. I hate Kim too many times
149 streak #6
Chapter 15: Her power really take a full toll on them.... Jongin, just what the hell you are doing?!
, this didn't make the situation any better though!
theluckyone #7
Chapter 15: That was a whole fun ride??? Omg, thank you for the update! It hurts knowing Sehun lifted a knife at his girl TWICE. Maybe he don't love her as much as he thought he do. I was thrown off guard too, when they declared breakup, and both parties coolly agreed to it. Are they actually serious? Or simply driven by anger? I don't get the part where Jongin helped Eunhwa, then got lashed out by her. What did he do wrong? He suddenly looked like a kicked puppy, I felt bad for him.
89 streak #8
Chapter 15: I am glad actually sebyuk thinks it his dream. thanks for update
149 streak #9
Chapter 14: No Eunhwa seriously, you should've just returned Sehun to me. I will definitely secure him in my hearts that I will kill myself first before I managed to hurt him.... . Sehun is too precious for you to play with. Sorry Eunhwa but I don't like you as you're now already regain your memory.
89 streak #10
Chapter 14: i dont like eunhwa ,loving two man at the same time.I know jongin is by her side most of the time in the past but i find him anoying.Poor sehun he had to deal with jongin too.