Forever Mine

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Sana takes Tzuyu on trip of nostalgia on their anniversary, and Tzuyu has no idea of what's in store. 


I haven't written anything in a while and to prove to you guys I'm still alive here's something I wrote a while back for tumblr lol hope you enjoy!

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mlegends #1
Chapter 1: the 'really' button is indeed a trap for a sana stans hahahahaha
165 streak #2
Chapter 1: This is so cute!!
13 streak #3
Chapter 1: Aww this is really cute! I hope you make another SaTzu fanfic but an actual story with many chapters.
1 points #4
Chapter 1: this story make me tears in happiness. i laugh when sana said to her mom to louder please. lol hahaha
1 points #5
Chapter 1: It was beautiful
Keep up the good work author nim
47 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 1: Cuteee\