Happy New Year My Co-author!


Happy New Year To My Favorite Co-author! 


Before I met you, I had not dared to translate my stories ....
But I had the fortune to get your attention with a small (very small) story in which (being honest) I did not have much confidence. But you were there and that is a reason for formal gratitude.
I have no way of giving you a present more than in this way, I hope you like it and this year is for you billions of times better than the previous one.

For the most beautiful HOTTEST KHUNWOO SHIPPER in my life!

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Chapter 1: OMYGOD !!!!!!! I'm now shaking all over....this is so nostalgic and beautiful...I miss those innocent school romance between Khunwoo, just too bad that many of the authors have already left AFF. Thank you for writing this for me...and other readers who miss this....I just love that Nichkhun is always so protective towards his Baby Woo... and poor baby Woo, getting hurt and all that but good thing Hero Nichkhun will always be there to protect him. This is the sweetest ....so sweet that I'm squirming reading it, that's why I'm shaking. Khunwoo are always so lovey dovey. //gah!!!!!// i'm floating and HAPPY NEW YEAR KHUNWOO and the beautiful and lovely authornim too, easily the hottest HOTTEST , EUNM15...LOL....:D *&^ Love your [email protected]}~~~~~