Will You Be My Friend?



“Will you be my friend?”
“I love you.”
“We can’t be together.”
Yuna, Nara and Kris were childhood friends. They spent most of their younger years together. Then urgently, Kris' family had to move to LA to build their business further. Yuna and Nara's hearts saddened.
Whilst in LA, Nara and Kris kept contact with each other, once every week, as promised. As time went on, they fell for each other. In LA, he builds close friendships.
Twelve years later, Kris comes back. Having Nara-the girl behind the messages-in heart, he immediately gets smitten by her. 
But..she’s different.  
She’s not the girl who he shared those memories with. Nara knows nothing about him..but Yuna does.



Song Yuna, (8) 20
A cheerful yet calm girl, kind at heart and family orientated. Yuna loves to read books at night before going to sleep. Love Story, one of her favourite books. Believes in love, deeply. Best friends with Nara since their diaper days, they bring happiness and joy into each other’s lives. Yuna is beautiful, inside and out. Cares about her family and Nara a lot, will do anything for them.
Kim Nara, (8) 20
Fun, out-going and a total social butterfly but she too has a kind heart. Never understands the concept of falling in love. Naturally caring, to her family who matter the most, seeing how she only has her father. Nara’s mother passed away when she was four. Since then she has become a part of Yuna’s family. Best friends with Yuna since they were babies.
Kris Wu, (11) 23
Perfection describes him the best. Attractive, handsome features attract females like a bee to honey. Strangely, he is sentimental. May be a arrogant, sly jerk at times but secretly is a dork. His parents, owners of the W Cooperation, owning half of Seoul’s hotels, fashion industries, restaurants and clubs, he is the sole heir to his fathers’ fortune.
Kang Daniel, (10) 22
The cutest, dorkiest, hottest bunny ever. Tall and handsome. His words are like butter and honey, smooth. Praise the lord for giving him a body from the heavens. Caring, loving and thoughtful. Close friends with Kris. Also, the heir to his father’s company, One Cooperation. Originally from Busan, his cute accent will melt anyone’s heart.
Jun Wu, (30) 42
A business man with high pride and professional superiority. A very good person at heart, a man of his strong words, never breaks promises.
Jia Wu, (26) 38
Elegant with a motherly, caring nature.
Song Jinwoo, (28) 40
A humorous father figure in Yuna and Nara’s lives. Caring and loving towards Nara. CEO at a fashion magazine company in Seoul.
Song Soomi, (24) 36
Often is done with her husband’s antics but nevertheless loves him. Treats Nara like her own daughter.
Kim Hyunsik, (28) 40
Heartbroken from his wife’s passing but keeps a strong heart and smile for Nara. Treats Yuna as his own daughter. CEO of an electronics company in Seoul.
Kang Hyunwoo, 41
CEO of One Cooperation, mainly based in LA but has connections in Seoul and Busan. A strong witted person yet caring.
Kang Soojung, 36
Beautiful and caring towards everyone, especially her one and only son who she can’t stop loving.  

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Chapter 6: Haiyaaaa so relatable to my love life but sadly he didnt know what i feel lol. I felt the pace was too fast, but i really am looking forward to the next chapters. Thank you for the update!
2407briana #2
Chapter 5: Ahhh she's getting arranged