was it the alcohol?

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running away with heels, body wrapped in a black dress, a lingering taste of liquor on her lips, and with a stranger, is definitely not the best choice to do. or so nayeon thought.


"can i kiss you, nayeon?"

thanks for reading, upvoting, & commenting! seriously these all mean so much to me. ♡

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numbenz #1
Chapter 1: *scream* I love it!
argon4413 #2
Chapter 1: i almost threw my phone cos it's so... so cute. this is really nice for our fluffy hearts
Chapter 1: Omg the fluff, I love it.
Chapter 1: seriously... asking permission for a kiss is very asgdjdkdldhfldl cos its remember me to stupid person hahahahaahaha
thanks for wrote this ff,minayeon squad ^~^
Chapter 1: Its just cute that she still asks for a kiss instead of stealing one. Nice one, author :)
Chapter 1: And i like this, i hope this will have some sequel
Chapter 1: So fluffy
nizcasimiro #8
Chapter 1: This is the 2nd MiNayeon fic that ive read today where mina is a bit more talkative . Was it the alcohol or was it her heart? Ofcourse its her heart!!! Lolz thanks for writing MiNayeon. I shall thrive till the next MiNayeon moment
Chapter 1: That is smooth myoui.. go get that bunny.. :)
128 streak #10
Chapter 1: It went from cute to totally cheesy to angst (a littleeee bit) and back to cute. There's so many Minayeon fics these days. They're finally coming back from the dead. Thank you for writing this!