Between Us


It's all about Taeny one shot stories. Either fluff or angst. Romance or comedy. Sad or happy. It's all drama. We love drama right? One shot, two shots. I will do that.


Chap 1 - Ugh, Taeyeon! She fell in love with her one and only frienemy and hate to remember those times in high school.



Chap 2 - I love you, Taeyeon. But you don't love me. 

Give me any ideas for Taeny stories. I'll make it in one shot

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Chapter 2: :'( I feel so sorry for Tiffany. This is so sad... Looking forward to the next chapter . Thank you for your hard work
Chapter 2: okay, so i need a sequel... this is so saaaad!!!
soshi_frvr24 #3
Chapter 2: I'm hurting for Tiffany though
soshi_frvr24 #4
Chapter 2: Awww I wanna know taeyeon's POV
Chapter 2: Is today "Taeyeon is a jerk day?" you're all writing the same concept..
Chapter 1: Hahaha this is so funny. I can't stop laughing. Haha thank you for the good laugh author shi. Thumbs up :)