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Eun Soo knew the stories. She learned all about the loathsome and dangerous Inhumans behind the wall. She thought all they were just stories. That was before the Inhumans’ attack. That was before meeting Jong Dae, before Min Seok. For only when the wall fell, the human girl would learn the traits that truly defined monstrosity and humanity.


“These creatures were called many names. Hellions, monsters, demons, inhumans. They were everything humans weren’t. They were savages, uncouth and untamed. They lived on instincts rather than intellect. They were different. They were despised. They were dangerous. And they roamed our earth freely as though they owned it, as though they were the top predators, and humans were mere prey. 
The wiser and the stronger humans, knew it was up to them to protect the rest of mankind. After all, they were blessed with the ability to use magic. The mages, though made up little of the entire human population, knew they were the only defense against these terrible monsters. And so, they built a wall. Not a physical wall, but one made from a powerful defensive shield charm. It was a massive magical barrier, only possible because of the formidable powers of the strongest high mages among them. The barrier became a wall around the city, where thousands of humans could live without fearing for their lives. It was impenetrable for non-humans to enter.
Humans were finally safe.
Over time, there were many cities that appeared throughout the land of Elysia. But the grandest and safest of them all, Lychnus City, was under the care of the oldest family of mages. Humans were no longer afraid to leave their homes and the streets thrive with life, knowing that nothing could ever break the magical barrier that the High Mages built. The cities were safe and no monsters would even dare go near one unless they have a death wish.
But my children, don’t ever grow complacent. For they are still out there. And they are waiting, waiting for a day when we show weakness. And when we do, the monsters would strike. You must understand, this is why the mages are out there. This is why we are still out there. We must keep driving them away. We must hunt them down. We must show no mercy to monsters.
The moment we let our guard down, we will lose.
And that will be the end for mankind.”
It was a story that all human child hears when one was growing up. It was a story that their grandmother had told Eun Soo countless of times when growing up. Honestly, Eun Soo couldn’t care less. She didn’t think much of these creatures that she had never seen before in her young life. She was not worried. Why should she be?
Maybe they weren’t as dangerous as what the adults made them to be. Maybe stories were just stories.
At least, that was what Eun Soo thought. Until she came face to face with one.
She was nine.
It was the day her life had changed forever. It was the day, Eun Soo’s story truly begun.
And it all started, the day the wall fell.
Author's Notes:
Welcome to the world where the difference divides, and fear of the unknown thrives.
This is not a dark fantasy story even though I wished I could write like that.
If you know me, I enjoyed diving into different minds and perspectives. Let's see where this leads us.
I truly thank you for stopping by and giving this story a chance. 
Say hi often, sub, up-vote if you enjoy this.
Hope this is a fun journey for you. 
Thank you always,
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Violeena #1
Chapter 1: I'm already so excited! The first chapter was already great. You do a really good job expressinh human emotions. I'm really excited for this!!! :)
199 streak #2
Chapter 1: Wow suprise suprise I love Jongdae xd So do all humans have powers or just Kyungsoo? This fic looks really good so far! I think this is your first fantasy story, right? I can't wait to learn more about this universe.
Chapter 1: A big brother Kyungsoo? A werewolf Jongdae? And younger sister, Eunsoo. Let's get this story started! XD I like the story so far. Can't wait to see what you'll do, Black_Keys! By the way, is there a specific name you want me to call you? I'm most likely am going to read your fics and comment. Just in case I direct an answer or comment at you, I'd like to use the name you preferred to be named on AFF. :)
mincupin07 #4
Chapter 1: Big brother Kyungsoo
And wolf boy Jongdae

199 streak #5
Oh my god, I'm so excited! New story! Plus, it's a Jongdae story (I think)! I can't wait to read the first chapter :)
mincupin07 #6
me: after jie's 2 other serials finish I can leave af-
You: publishes a new exciting, promising story
Me: well'. ^°^
Fantasy story yesssss i love it hahaha i need more jongdae stories (*^▽^*)