Mihyun Drabbles


This is simply a collection of drabbles I wrote for Dahyun and Mina of Twice.


I already posted some drabbles on my Twitter account and I figured I should continue posting the rest here instead.

Twitter account: @noble_puppy

You can drop by my Twitter account: @noble_puppy and dm me Mihyun photos or screenshots you would like me to make a drabble on, but of course I can't cater all requests so I apologize if yours isn't picked.

Please leave comments and upvote this story. Thank you ya'll! 😘

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Chapter 14: I suggest guys to listen "Take her to the moon by Moira dela torre" its a good song and this fic connect to that song. also listen to other moira songs they're all great.
Chapter 14: TuT.
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Chapter 14: Beautiful
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Chapter 14: *cries in the corner*
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Chapter 13: Cuteeeeeee~
Chapter 13: I am shoookt ahaushsus This is so great!!! I just woke up to read this and OMG! The plot was so good, I'm crying!
Chapter 13: Oh, Camila, I knew this was your kind of plot.
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Chapter 12: I love these short yet heart warming chapters!
Chapter 12: This is expensive! Or, I should just said that this one is my favorite until here? This is good as the others, but the feelings this one gave me... This plot in a long fic would be illegal, because it would be perfect!