Spies with Benefit

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The story unfolds with the background of two high schools of MMO High School and Fantagio High School.

This light fan fiction begins when two of the different students meet and later learnt that they shared the same interest but the 'interest' they respectively have was in different schools. Therefore, one of the students made a suggestion.


"Okay, okay! Here’s the deal. You’ll be spying on Seongwu for me at your place then I’ll be doing the same with Daniel at mine, okay? Yes or no?"


Will they succeed on their 'spying' mission or get caught red-handed?

Will their respective interest had the same feeling as them or are they only building castles in the clouds?


Hi everyone! Happy new year 2018!

I've decided to release this simple and light fanfiction of mine and again for countless time already, it was aspired from one of my vividest dreams I had. This time is with the Wanna One boys. Woohoo~

Firstly, I wasn't going to publish it. I was just sharing the dream I had with a friend of mine and she just went "Hey, go and write it! I think this will be a good one!"
Then, I ended up writing part by part whenever I was free since I was struggling writing my thesis for my final year project. So, I treat this story as my stress release and  short getaway from all those fuss and formalities of FYP format. Argghh! Why FYP writing is not as enjoyable as writing fanficts? Hahaha!
Back to my story, so my friend of mine has become my un-official proofreader as she would read and fangirl on every updates that I've made. Hahaha! That silly girl.

So, without further ado, go on reading my very first Wanna One featured, very simple (and probably most cliche) fanfict with your mind being ease. Kekekeke!

Don't forget to leave comments too. Thank you so much! 333


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