Happy ending


Happy ending?

is there even such a thing?

and i thought that i won't get mine...

But then I met you.


this is actually something i've wrote a few years ago back in 2014 but i cant remember if i had post it or not. so some of you might had read this before. well, english is my second language any mistake in grammar is normal >,<' and have fun reading. don't forget to drop a comment or two^^

Read at your own risk.

*any similarities to other's stories is mostly coincidence!

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peychee457 #1
Chapter 1: aww so cute! that ending tho lol
Chapter 1: So sweet ♡♡♡
Chapter 1: Thanks a lot for capvities <3 too much sugar coat ><
Chapter 1: this is sooo sweet!i love this!❤️
Chapter 1: This is sweet. The ending makes me laugh for some reason.
This was so sweet ♡ I love this so much! Thanks for writing this amazing story