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#8 SQUAD : It's 24/7 Lads

TITLE: #8 squad
AUTHOR:  alwayswip (hey! that's me!)
GENRES:  crack, slice of life(?), bromance, sismance, friendship
RATING:  ma 15+
INSPIRATION:  team 10 and several other youtube teams. sue me. 

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hey there. it's alwayswip or rust here. this is just based off of team 10 and everything else but not everything. they have issues, them. i've just been aching to write something about a group of people who work in the entertainment industry living in a mansion, in the same entertainment.  


jaxon asher macquillan and jeffrey bae have been roommates since college. you readers might be wondering, who are these people? well, you might be more familiar with their aliases, killertortilla and jin, respectively. jaxon rose to fame three years ago in 2014 when he first started uploading let's play serieses on youtube while jeffrey started his youtube career back in 2013 and has been immensely popular with his consistent daily mukbangs and casual vlogs. 

the story goes back to when jeffrey graduated from college just recently. the both of them have collaborated on each other's channels before and created their own 'squad', calling it the jj squad. according to jeffrey, he said, "when i graduated, i asked jaxon if he wanted to come live with me. my parents bought me a house - i like to call it a mansion - as a graduation present." the mukbang star continued on to say that he couldn't possibly live in the 'mansion' on his lonesome, thus inviting his closest mate to live with him. 

"why would i reject the offer?" jaxon had exclaimed when questioned about it, "to be honest with you, i'm a year away from graduating and some of the people who live in the same flat as us complain about me all the time because i game late in the night." 

so it's official that both youtube stars are moving in together. what isn't official is whether or not they are taking it to another level. rumor has it that jaxon and jeffrey are creating their own entertainment agency and are in talks of scouting other stars, youtube, models and the like, included. 

we even think they're posting applications soon!


brought to you by: frank b. @ justfrankie.net

#8 \\ updates, updates, updates... problem averted...?

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Chapter 3: oohh the teaser was nice!! its cute how jax n jeff were a bit awkward at first LMAO n the person saying that that's when the world ended LMAOOOOO but ya! cant wait for the next update!!
Chapter 3: aww i love the teaser, jeffery and jaxon first meeting seemed so cute to me lol and i also like the ending too
i can’t wait to see what this story has instored ! :-)
Chapter 3: Nice teaser! I like how one person said that it was the end of the world when they met hahaha!
Chapter 5: what kinda memes cause i have tons ! lmao
Chapter 5: id be interested in being a beta reader!
everyone else: applies with beautiful people

me: /rubs hands/ it's time to use a pro gamer faceclaim
Chapter 5: its fine if u need to take some time for urself rust!! as a few others alrdy said, u dont need to rush!! hopefully everything will be better for u soon!! :""
Chapter 5: please take care of yourself and there's no need to be in rush, we will wait for you!
Chapter 4: aw i hope everything is okay! take your time on everything, we'll be waiting :-)
Chapter 5: Hope everything is ok.