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dahyun experiences night terrors— is it any surprise she turns to sana for comfort?


aaaaaah i was rewatching twicetv5 and sana was just,,, too cute to dahyun after the thrill walk. 

so— have this short little one-shot written at 2:15 a.m. about a sleepy sana and a drowsy dahyun...

((also this was written in lapslock because i think it looks prettier please don't attack me))

hi! if you wanna leave a comment, i would appreciate it! it's been a long time since i've written any fics lmaooo

also no offense but the fact that this fic is EXACTLY 500 words kinda butters my bread u know... my nighttime sapphic thoughts are just THAT powerful.

OK last thing... i don't use twt anymore but hmu on the tumbler if you would like...

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Chapter 1: aaa this is really cute, i loved it!!
DarkPrinceOfMars #2
Chapter 1: Awwwwww <3
Yoonkii #3
Chapter 1: author-jim you’re so talented ?
Shibuya98 #4
Ah I loved it!