What a weird world....

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I have always wanted to make webtoon story covering injustice people face in their real life. I thought if I were willing to draw -which takes a ton of time- why not deliver a message through a aff story since I just started anyway. A less boring material, faster updates with a good message.

      2017 was just Idk how to describe. I live in CA where people are open-minded and all but there are people who don't give a . The whole nation actually proved that majority of then support racism, ism that the President had expressed which obviously made me upset. Myself coming from a minority group and hearing things like that, it affected my home, education and social environment. That was 2017 and BTS were there promoting the opposite, Love Yourself. It helped me a lot specially ARMYS!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

      Armys are GREAT! I repeat ARMYS ARE ING GREAT!!!! Y’all are caring, understanding and very open to ideas. So I thought why not write a story talking about something BTS reminds us every day. Their campaign, END VIOLENCE. First, we shall learn how to love ourselves then only we shall we love others. You can't really love others if you don't know what love means right. Like it's said, only the oppressed know what it's like to be on the bottom, to feel the pressure of the oppressor, to feel helpless in situations, and to have no privilege or support from your own society. Love doesn't have to between opposite genders or age ranged because the simple love we share with friends and families is love too. So I am giving this story a go.

I was watching snake documentary and I came across snakes mating. In my case an anaconda, python, king cobra, rattlesnake and more. I noticed that snakes are actually cute. Snakes are viewed negativity but with all honesty its how life is. They are to be kept in wild, not inside a glass in captivity near living. So this story is going to have most of that converted into human society. Hope yall are going along with the idea? I am really excited to write this, don't know if we all share the thoughts though.

Here is how I am lining characters of this story
Jin-> King Snake
Namjoon-> King Snake
Yoongi-> Cat
Taehyung/V-> King Snake
Hoseok/Jhope-> Anoconda ;)
Jimin-> A pup
Jungkook-> A pup

If you are interested in talking politics or even depressing material, I am always going to be open. I don't know politics like ABCs and I ain’t good at eng but either but I’ll give you all I can.
I’ve been there too, still am. Love Yall!

When I am left alone my thoughts run 100,000 mph. A little exaggerated but really though.
Sorry for late updates beforehand... Classes have started...


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