Cut Your Teeth

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Jennie returned from a trip abroad to learn her boyfriend had been killed by a gang. Now she's got the perfect revenge plot, but a man called Suga keeps getting in her way.


"Why do they call you Suga?"

"Because I'm sweet."






poster credit to flawlessbaekhyun @ jelly bubble

Dun dun dun... What happened to Namjoon?? This story is so fun to write lol~ Thank you to all of my new (and old) subscribers! ❤❤❤

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Meowthiscute #1
Chapter 5: Oh my god.. This is great.. You need to update I'm dying
kkrystals #2
Chapter 5: this story is so mysterious, and the mystery of how and why namjoon died is a big one. also the slow, and brief moments between jennie and yoongi are worth it in the end if they build to something else - there’s something intense and intriguing about yoongi (although i guess that’s what makes him so attractive), i hope he’s a friend and not an enemy to jennie! also as a jinsoo shipper, jin you better not be cheating on jisoo haha - i’ll be very disappointed :-(
Whispurr #3
Chapter 5: So suga knows who she really is and possibly why she's doing everything? Is that why he keeps a close eye on her and protects her in his own way? I have a feeling that namjoon will lose our respect as the mystery around him unravels...
Hope your interview went well!! ^^
Orcmama #4
Chapter 5: Thanks for the update aunthornim! This story gets better and better. I’m just as curious as Jennie as to what the hell is going on. Hahaha I’m hooked!
delaycious #5
Chapter 4: THIS STORY IS SO MYSTERIOUS AND GOOD thank you for writing it!!!
Orcmama #6
Chapter 4: Ugh, I love this story and it keeps getting better. <3
Chapter 1: ngaw poor joon :((( hmm i wonder who jisoo's husband is
Orcmama #8
Chapter 3: Ugh, thank you for a good story. I look forward to the next update^_^
kkrystals #9
Chapter 3: did jennie trip or something? if so i’m going to laugh really hard AHAHAHA - what a cliffhanger
kkrystals #10
Chapter 2: we finally meet yoongi!! honestly, the concept of the story is really interesting, can’t wait for the next chap!