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WE NEVER WALK ALONE is about the journey life of Jimin and Jungkook. Park Jimin,25 years old, a kindergarten teacher who are Jeon Hana’s teacher. Hana is Jeon Jungkook daughter. Jeon Jungkook,24 years old so busy with his work. When they got now each other, bad scene will appear. Mostly problem got to Jimin and Jungkook will appear as a HERO. Hana is a big secret of Jungkook to Jimin. Who is Hana actually? Did she relate with Jimin? Why Jungkook have a daughter when he never got married with someone? Jimin got married but he got divorce too when he was 20 years old with a bad memories that he want to crumbing and throw away. What will happen to this two guy? How they going to face all the bad scene? Read this fanfic until the end.

“ Whenever You walk, I always be beside you, whenever I walk, You always be beside me. Everytime You have a problem, I will stand by you. Everytime I have a problem, You will stand by me. Its because WE NEVER WALK ALONE” – Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook

“Appreciate others when they still with you, if not they can leave you whenever they likes to do it. Don’t ever play trick and troll on someone that you never expect their reaction that will makes you regret until you die “ – Author (Acchemma)


Annyeong? first of all sorry if my story is kinda a clishe one, nah i am lacked of idea~ thanks for waste your time just to read this boring fanfic, i know it.. its because its my first fanfiction in english i wrote, before this i just wrote with my native languange~ sorry if you hate boyXboy fanfic..(but if you hate it why you click this fanfic after you see the tag? hahah XD just kidding~) i not support boyXboy relationship, actually its just my gift to someone, its my best friend~ after i finish it then i will show to her. she JIKOOK lover... if you hate this kind of fanfic, you can just ignored it but if you like the storyline but you hate boyXboy relation, just think jimin is a girl, but if you read until end you can just imagine jimin is totally a boy at first and the end he will become a... its just be secret kay~ so lets waste your time read this fanfic until you see "THE END" word!!!!

love you guys~ and thanks for those who became my readers and suscribers!!!!

i dont know between Jimin teacher or Teacher Jimin is the true~ in dilemma~~ can someone tell me this? i told you i am bad in english! a stupid girl *hit my head*


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