The Heir And His Knight In Shining Armour


He's in danger, She loves danger. He is the heir and She's going to be his knight in shining armour. RoseUellah and Byun Baekhyun, the complete opposites by personality, nationality, language and religion. But happens and brings them together. 


RoseUella, an orphan girl, raised by excriminals in a petty slum area made for criminals by criminals. She is a fighter, not only physicaly but mentally too. She dreams of becoming a police officer and can kick some serious out of grown up men even if she's only 18.

Byun Baekhyun, heir of one of the most well known companies in korea, raised in delicacy like the most fragile thing in the world but it turned out to be a problem rather than being an anvantage because business world is too cruel for those who are not mentally prepared.

She is tough and wild, he is soft and kind. He is considerant while she does't give a about anyone whom she doest care about. He's smart, she's sassy. He's in danger, she's in trouble. He needs an uknown face, she's a nobody.

He's The Heir and She's His Knight in Shining Armour.

You can call me Rose or A-Z. English is not my first language so kindly ignore the grammatical or spelling errors. I tend to get demotivated easily so please if you like this story give me some motivation, if you can, by commenting.


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