Lieutenant Do Kyungsoo desperately wants to leave the safe zone, that is a small town in the desert. But the outside world is a dangerous place after the nuclear wars, and holds many well-kept secrets. Jongin is one of them.



After the nuclear wars, most of the world has become uninhabitable except for a few safe zones, where cities and towns were build. Myths of people with mutated genes who might be the solution to many diseases were circulating among the healthy people. Lieutenant Do Kyungsoo's mission is it to find one of those. As Kyungsoo finds Jongin, a young man with mutated genes, his world is turned upside down. He realises that he has only been a pawn used in a bigger plan and his military superiors cannot be trusted...

Wow, look at this. I'm back!!

I had a bunch of kpop-related stories which I never published but recently I started editing a few.

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Chapter 9: It is frustrating– no, disappointing to know how junmyeon changed a lot. Where is the sense of humanity? They keep talking about all drugs blablabla but dont they know what they doing would harm of all the peoples there? Idk anymore. And it is also heartwarming how kyungsoo is missing our baby bear, kekekeke♥ i so in love with baekyeol here thou they were being complicated. Like i want to smack both of their head and kidnap one of them so that they will realise how it was like to have someone who always by ur side and the next sec, not anymore. But yeah, i can't wait for kyungsoo to be able to contact jongin's side. I miss their interaction already. Huhuhue. Lastly, thanks for the wonderful update, author! Gives u lots of love♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ(。’▽’。)♡
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Chapter 8: It is seriously funny to see how chanbaek argue on stupid things and baekhyun keep on lead chanyeol being jealous but tbh, he is too. Nothing much about junmyeon and i'm glad kyungsoo have his time off from action mode. And xiuchen, aww my heart can't handle this couple. My heart aching for this two. And as for the festival, hope it can be happen soon. So that kyungsoo would meet the others too.
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Chapter 8: Yes, loving the short break given to Kyungsoo. He get to see what a normal life is if he was born in the city. Ooh, loving the interaction between Baekyol and Kyungsoo. Hope to see more of their friendship together. Thanks for the Xiuchen too. Hurray on Minseok making some effort.
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Chapter 7: This story is great despite from the tension of slowburn it is. I didn't know why there is not a lot comment here when this story is so amazing!!♥♥
I love how you potrayed Jongin here. How he crave to see kyungsoo makes me heart goes melting. They can feel love. He can feel love. And i believe what xiumin felt toward jongdae is real too. Well everything feel so real. And i hope u dont get down for the lost of subscribers. U deserve the best. Really.

Anywy thanks for the lovely update
akakpovimaya #5
Chapter 7: I just love this story??? It's a little bit slow paced but I like..I was so happy that you updated. Can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you and your writing is amazing
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Chapter 6: Omfg, u don't know how i'k excited when i read my notification today! Finally u updated. I feel that i was like watching movie while i'm reading this. There's a lot of action. I cant help myself but pity about xiuchen condition. Aaa, my babies. Wish there's more kaisoo moment. However it is frustrating to know what scientist have been doing. Tq for updating.
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Chapter 5: Srsly this fic is gold! I love everything. I'm glad that Jian is dead. And i can see a little kaisoo moment there(i wish for more).
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Chapter 4: Wow so many things happen in one chapter. I excited for next
woaini13 #9
Chapter 2: I like the way you right♥