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"How can Half-Giants even exist? I mean, isn't that anatomically impossible for the parents?", Sehun and Minho just looked at Jongin like he was crazy. "Please, stop talking."

A oneshot and drabble collection of the boys and girls in Hogwarts.
Other ships and groups might be added later

Stories and graphics by me


This consists of stories about various ships, there might be cameos of other ships and groups and some more might be added later.

The stories are all set in the same universe but the order isn't cronological, so there might be timeskips and so on.

The main ships will be jongho, taoris, zhoutoria and homin. I might take some prompts (if I can actually concentrate enough for once orz), comments are always appreciated <3

The graphics were done by me


Main Characters:


Choi Minho

- has a passion for soccer and quidditch
- Gryffindor's best Chaser
- at Potions and Transfiguration but exceeds in Defense against the Dark Arts
- accidentally set a table on fire various times
- close with Changmin, Kyuhyun, Taemin, Jinki, Junmyeon, Yunho and pretty much everyone
- head over heels in love with Jonghyun
- "Did you say Jonghyun? WHERE?! I ca n'T SEE HiM"
- tends to have very heated conversations with Yunho and Siwon


Kim Jonghyun

- is allowed to keep his dog Roo who was a present from Minho (bc lbr how can you say no to him)
- likes Minho a lot
- member of the Frog Choir
- is loved by the Merpeople colony of the Great Lake
- was mistaken for a nymph once
- Childhood friends with Jinki and Junmyeon
- Taemin's biggest fanboy
- his smile is so beautiful and bright it can blend you


Kim Kibum 'Key'

- has a friendly rivalry with Minho
- best friends with Jonghyun and Jinki
- a fashion diva
- won't take any bull (especially if it's about Jonghyun, he'll cut u then)
- screamed the first time on a broom bc of his fear of heights
- knows a suspicious amount of info about curses
- was called 'Almighty' by a group of first years once


Lee Taemin

- dances in his free time
- manages to destroy things by the slightest touch and constantly loses his stuff
- can't tell his own owl from the others apart
- how did he even end up in Ravenclaw
- a very good Seeker and duellist
- not so secretly loves his Jonghyun hyung a lot
- a little
- best friends with Jongin and Minho


Lee Jinki

- somehow managed to make tofu something regular on the banquet tables
- is lovingly called 'Jinki condition' by his friends bc of his clumsiness
- flew into a Goal Hoop when he tried his hand at quidditch
- his pets run away at least once a week
- likes to dote on his friends (especially Jonghyun and Taemin)
- Prefect
- great at Herbiology


Huang Zitao

- best friends with Sehun
- holds Sehun's hand and clings to him on the moving staircases bc he's afraid of falling
- has a small owl named Kandy
- has a big fat neon sign crush on Kris (they start dating in his fifth year)
- is nicknamed 'Panda', 'Peach' and 'Taozi'
- lovingly calls Suho his 'Mum'


Oh Sehun

- has a "platonic" crush on Tao
- "It's totally normal to have dreams about your best friend, okay?"
- his owl resents him but the feeling is mutual
- Slytherin's seeker
- a bit over protective of Tao
- likes to glare at Kris a lot
- plays pranks together with Jongin, Chanyeol and Jongdae


Wu Yifan 'Kris'

- has a 24/7 face
- fell in love with Tao at first sight
- doesn't know how to act around his crush and becomes socially constipated
- Prefect
- Slytherin's Keeper
- knows a lot about dragons bc of his father's work
- once doodled 'Wu Zitao' onto his notes
- close with Junmyeon, Luhan and Yixing


Song Qian 'Victoria'

- is nicknamed Victoria bc some have problems pronouncing her real name
- lovingly called 'Mum' by the Ravenclaw students
- has been "married" to Zhoumi since her third year
- Prefect, becomes Head Girl later on
- gives private lessons to Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal
- exceeds in all her classes


Zhou Mi

- dotes on the younger students
- Prefect
- has fantasies about a domestic married life with Victoria
- studies a lot and is loved by his teachers
- keeps a photo of Victoria in his wallet
- is called 'Dad' by the Ravenclaw students
- tries to set up a date between Fei and Jia at Hogsmeade but fails constantly


Jung Yunho

- Gryffindor's Quidditch team captain and keeper
- can become very passionate and is provoked easilly
- very patient and calm though when it comes to Changmin
- Prefect, becomes Head Boy later
- lovingly calls his boyfriend 'Changdola'
- a bit oblivious to everyone's crush on him (see Siwon and Jaejoong)


Shim Changmin

- "Jung Yunho? Ugh, don't even get me started on how annoying he is."
"Yeah, he's a total stuck up!"
"Okay, listen here punk, if you insult the love of my life again I will curse you and everything important to you and - "
- Slytherin's Chaser
- becomes an attention seeking brat around Yunho
- close with Kyuhyun and Minho
- bribed Yunho's owl to stop sending Siwon's and Jaejoong's letters



after Seulrene, which couple would you like next? I'm having some OT5 feels after last night for SHINee, but I've also had some ideas for Zhoutoria and Homin, though I have some things saved for the other ships too ;D

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